In my last blog post I suggested that curation was a great way to maintain your online visibility . You can discover interesting content to share with your contacts easily with the use of two free online services.

The first of these is which I have been using for the past two years.

The free version of the software is great for getting started .

The first step is to create an account and add up to 3 topics . In my case I am very interested in Google + and Blogging , so these were the first two topics I created.

Mindful that to engage an audience you need variety my third topic was 'One Man and his Wok' which I intended to use not only to discover new recipes for myself to cook but also share the delights of fresh meals that can be created in less than 15 minute

The next step is the critical one .- Entry of your search terms and sources you want to use . uses these search terms and sources to scour the web daily and suggest items which may be of interest to you and your network. The more relevant the search terms the more relevant the daily suggestions will be . To discover the best terms use Google Search and check the results returned 2
Scoopit 03

On the left above you can see my Blogging Effectively topic on and on the right a list of scoops suggested today.

I can scroll the list of 100 suggestions , check out the original and then decide whether to .  If I do scoop a suggestion I can share the details on Twitter , Facebook or LinkedIn with just a couple of clicks.Sharing relevant content on Facebook , like the one below, creates discussion .

I now have content which I have shared with my network and at the same time I am building a knowledge base which everyone can refer to.

Of course in addition to sharing and storing on my ,, I can also use it as the basis of a new blog post of my own Facebook

I hope that you will give a try and let me know of your adventures and thoughts on the system 

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