What is the Live Video Hub ? Belive.tv are promoting your shows and helping you find a new audience


When you go live on your business page – you also go live on the Live Video Hub.

This free service is provided by Belive.tv for everyone who broadcasts on their Facebook Business Page using the service

There are now 170+ shows on the Live Video Hub

How does it work ?

A Sign Up

1 Send you Facebook Business page link to Steven Healey https://m.me/LIveVideoHub 

2 We will send you a confirmation link. From your desktop confirm the link.

B Before you go live

Schedule the show to your page as normal , then edit the post on Facebook

1 Select the Settings Tab , Select Cross Posting
2 Click Live Video Hub (it turns blue)

Save the post

When you go live on your page , you go live on the Hub

Live Video Hub Broadcasters say

If you are a creator and want to get discovered and increase your audience then the Live Video Hub is the place to be! - Bridgetti Click To Tweet Great use of bridging the technology gap and expanding the reach of Facebook Live - Doyle on the Live Video Hub Click To Tweet I am so enjoying and discovering great live streams. I have new people and plus their guests!! It's like a whole new world opening up! - Katherine Click To Tweet

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