Welcome to ‘The Show with No Name’Episode 2 Series 1


Welcome to ‘The Show with No Name’

Episode 2 Series 1 17 January 2019

Dreamed up by Theonie Roussianos and Adaire Palmer to help people in your local community to raise their profile and encourage awareness and support for what matters to them and their communities.

We also help not-for-profits, charities and service to connect with communities to raise brand awareness and help staff and volunteers working within them to become the best #BrandChampions they can be for their cause.

To interact with us during the live broadcast, make sure you’re watching over at the original source on Mytimetv.live
here https://www.facebook.com/MyTimetv.live/videos/516011908921377/

This week, we are excited to bring back Steve Taylor, a gentleman from all the way over in the UK who is doing amazing things to raise awareness and funds for Neuroblastoma charities around the world, including Neuroblastoma Australia.

A veteran of all things running, Steve also rides a bike, which is how he came to the attention of Australians.

In 2013, aged sixty and armed with just a folding bike and a bus pass, Steve started cycling backwards and forwards to his work on his folding bike to raise money and awareness for kids diagnosed with high risk stage 4 neuroblastoma in the UK.

Five years later, Steve came to Australia to ride from Brisbane to Adelaide for Neuroblastoma Australia: 2222km, which he duly knocked off in fifteen days.

Steve isn’t stopping there! He’s now taking the journey on foot, and is walking 2,222 miles by the end of the year, and he’s talked some others into joining him. Tune in to hear the update on what this incredible human is up to!

To join Steve’s online community, visit his group Walk2CureNeuroblastoma #TheNextGeneration #Neuroblastoma #ForeverFive



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