The Courage Catalyst: Adaire Palmer on Collaboration


Come connect in with THREE ideas-focused interviews to benefit your business or nonprofit.

I’m interviewing the audacious, fun-loving livewire Adaire Palmer about how she uses collaboration and community TV to create an EXTRAORDINARY reach on Facebook.

We’re talking a reach wayyyy beyond the number of fans. As in, 50,000 organic reach from only 1500 fans. (Can you believe it! It’s true! Not bad, hey?)

Adaire’s tool is collaboration + TV.

However – and listen up here, sistas – what she has learnt is that the secret is not so much in the ‘what’ (collaboration), it’s the ‘HOW’ that’s unique, different and completely out of the box. In fact this is so far out of the box, Adaire and her collaborator Theonie are the only ones in Australia actually doing this! Intrigued? Just a little? Good!
Adaire will be my guest speaker IN PERSON in Brisbane on Wednesday 6 November, 6.30 pm. ($6 per ticket includes light eats. Details at

PLUS, wherever you are, JOIN US FOR THE INTERVIEWS!! Especially as Adaire will be happily sharing the
HOW with us!!! CATCH THEM ALL!

A. Wed 30 Oct: Meet Adaire and learn the basis of how her Facebook method works. (Replay at

B. Monday 4 Nov: 12.30 pm Brisbane / 1 pm Adelaide / 1.30 pm Sydney.
Collaboration on stories, watch parties & engagement pods

C. Wednesday 6 Nov: 8am Brisbane / 9.30 am Adelaide / 10 am Sydney.
Expand to a huge organic reach on Facebook – and Q&A.

To book your tickets to see Adaire Palmer on Wednesday, simply comment ‘Collab’ below and you’ll get a link magically appear in your Messenger inbox 🙂 Click here to comment:



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