Chat with Kevin Arrow of Sarkemedia talking about the 30 Day Webinar Challenge


Kevin and I are long time real life good friends and over the last 10 years and more we have supported each other in many projects.

A very informative session explaining many aspects of Webinars and an overview of the 30 day course.

You may know Kevin from SarkeMedia and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge which he runs with Sarah.

Since Periscope appeared he has been running his own shows and has attracted quite an audience and an in depth knowledge of the system.

Kevin unveiled the NEW 30 day Webinar challenge on the show .

The course takes anyone from Webinar novice through to creating and running your first webinar either live on camera or using slides.

The method has been tried and tested and sales are already beng made by people who are just testing the system

There will be more information here

Webinars are an incredibly powerful way of connecting with your audience.

Monday at 7:00 pm

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Blab Live Video Shows to Watch on Friday 12th February @Blab


Listed below are a selection of sessions we can watch live today or catch the replay

If you see them live you can get involved by asking text questions or appearing on camera if you are invited.


Interview with BlackCaesarX about Avant-garde art projects 5:00PM

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30 Day Blogging Challenege Graduate Interview With Sue Fleckenstein 8:00pm

The Live Video Show: Guest Ryan A. Bell of #SummitLive 9:00 pm