Repurposing your live videos with Rj Redden, Hani Mourra of and Steven Healey #FDLAug2018


Repurposing your Content after your Live Show on

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Day 3 of FIve Days Live online training. #FDLAug2018

Your co-hosts today Hani Mourra ( . Rj Redden (Black Belt Bots),and Steven Healey (Live Video Hub)

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You are welcome to join on camera, ask questions , share your ideas and get involved.

During the show our co-hosts will share links to resources which will help you improve.

Your live show is just the beginning, you are creating great content which you can and should repurpose on other networks. Click To Tweet In this show we we will discuss practical ways in which you can promote your brand using your recorded content. with Hani Mourra , Rj Redden and Steven Healey Click To Tweet

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Repurposing (your content) hosted by Tina Shang and Steven Healey – A New Show – Tuesday on


A new weekly informational show on repurposing your content with hosts Steven Healey and Tina Shang on Tuesdays 12 PM ET, 5 PM BST.

Tina and Steven first connected on and they are both moderators of the official Belivers group on Facebook. Now they are working together to share their passion for LIVE video and explore the ways you can take the awesome content you have created and give it a second life on different social media platforms.

Learn creative ways to repurpose your live video and other content. We will keep you informed about the software which can help you , we use which saves you valuable time by automating the distribution of your content across channels and platforms.

We are conducting a Twitter poll about Repurposing and will share the results in our first show together with our road map for future shows. We want to share our ideas , listen to your ideas and suggestions and help improve the online visibility of everyone who joins us on our journey.

Join us LIVE on camera and ask questions and make suggestions here

You can watch the live show/recording here