Content Curation For Everyone – Support Your Friends


In the previous blog post I suggested you could use to discover content that is of interest to you (and your friends) which you can then publish using Twitter and Facebook.

The next step is to curate and promote your friends and contacts by promoting the content they post daily on their blogs and on Twitter.

The reason for doing this is two fold .. it helps your friends , it helps your online visibility and it builds up  a hopefully mutual supportive group of people. Even if they do not promote you straight away when they see one of your posts that interests them they are more likely to share.

There is but one problem , in normal circumstances you see your contacts’ posts only when you are online . The odds are you see less than 20% of everything they do . So how are you going to promote them , you may not see their best content when you are online.

The answer is simple and easy to do ..

1 Create a Twitter List of the contacts whose work you are going to promote .

There is no need to include everyone , start with around 20 of your more active contacts and add to the list gradually..

2 Visit and create a free account , start a newspaper and add the new twitter list as a source.

3 creates a daily newspaper from the tweets (which contain links) made by your contacts about topics of interest to them

Simply read this newspaper and you will find items posted by your contacts and you can share them from within the paper.



You can also embed the newspaper into your website (free of charge)  and as the newspaper is updated daily  so is your website.

This is how I created the Prospect Networking Daily and embedded it into my website .