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Tuesday, October 12, 2019, 7 PM EST

What we know now is that boots are just not for what was once called the”Boot Season”. In the fashion world boots are taking over and they are perfect when done right year round. Versatile and trendy you get the right style for you and there are no rules. It is no longer about when to wear your boots, it is more about how you are wearing them. Color and texture play a big part in your choices. You have so many options depending on the local of where you live. Traditionally, we all look to boots for the winter season, no longer . What you want to look for and be sure you get in your cute boot style is the comfort and that will depend a lot on the heel height you select. Tonight we discuss possibilities and how to complete your style with boots. We love seeing you, so drop by and spend some time with us, we never disappoint, see you soon.


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