Monday Oct 1 10 am ET – Building your Brand On – Free Training


The training begins on October 1st and all our Beliver friends are invited to join us.

Our first show is Monday October 1 at 10am ET , you can set a reminder here

Our first five days live event in August was a runaway success , so much so that we are back again from October 1st to 5th . The interaction from our engaged audience was amazing and we are aiming to repeat that.

The broadcast team are Steven Healey, Bridgetti Lim Banda, Hani Mourra, Lottie Hearn, Lynda Sunshine West , David Burrows , Cheryl Piper-Snyder and Rj Redden.

Monday – Building your Brand with Bridgetti Lim Banda , David Burrows , Lynda West and Steven Healey

Monday Oct 1 10 am ET – Building your Brand On

How do you build your brand on live video ?

Are you the brand or is it your product/service ?

What should you do to increases awareness ?

How should you present yourself. ?

What should you not do online that might damage your brand. ?

Our panel will be helping you to focus on Building your Brand.



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