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Introducing another great series of Blab interviews with a group of people I know well and respect.

Many I have been connected to for the last ten years , several I have met , all are good friends

Topics .. real world practical advice from people at the top of their gamee

Sales Management \ Digital Business Growth \ Avant-garde ART \ 30 day Periscope Challenge \Blogging\ Social Media in Business

Interview with Marcus Cauchi Sandler Sales Management Trainer 05/02/2016 at 2:00 PM GMT

Marcus and I have known each other for over 10 years since we connected on UK Networing site Ecademy. I am so looking forward to talking , it will be a very lively action packed informative session.

Gerry Millington UK Country Sales Manager, Beaver-Visitec International says :

‘His lecture livened up the room, shocked some of us a little with his rather direct approach, but make complete and utter sense to me – particularly when he asked if we had ever recruited the best sales person ever in the World, who bowled over everyone at interview and yet turned out to be a complete lemon. ‘


Interview with Jeroen Geut ,helping digital businesses to grow their efficiency 08/02/2016 at 8:00 pm .

Jeroen and I connected on Facebook and I have joined his group Digital Business Support

I am looking forward to exploring Jeroen’s innovative approach to Digital Business

Jeroen Geut, a finance and accounting professional with broad experience in business. His sector and industry range from hotel and catering, financial services and information and communication technology, to name a few.

Having recently been described as a new generation accounting professional, Jeroen has proven to enhance businesses efficiency and effectiveness, taking accounting and finance away from SME owners/managers daily worries.

His key question: “How much is it going to cost if you don’t do it?” instead of saying: “Don’t do it, it will cost too much.”, allows him to work successfully with numerous clients, who also get to benefit from his broad, multi-lingual network and international focus

Interview with Brian Murray of CoTap THE workplace mobile messaging app 10/02/2016 at 6:00 pm .

I first connected with Brian when Thomas Power introduced a group of us to the Cotap messaging system.

I am looking forward to discovering more about how Cotap can help in our businesses


All your communication, together in one place.

Cotap lets employees seamlessly communicate via text, voice and video from any device

Know when messages are delivered and seen.

Keep everyone in the loop and increase accountability. Make groups for departments, projects, office locations or anything your team needs to coordinate around. See when messages are delivered and who’s seen them, in real time.

Call across the world, no long distance charges.

No more swapping phone numbers or searching for dial-in codes. With voice and video calling from desktop or mobile, you can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are.
Launch instant global conference calls with up to 1000 participants.

Send photos and files instantly

With a built-in camera, Cotap lets you snap a photo or shoot a video the moment something happens. Drag-and-drop files from desktop to mobile.


Interview with BlackCaesarX about Avant-garde art projects 12/02/2016 at 5:00 pm

I first connected with Carlos Romero of ikohaus when Jon and I were interviewing JoeJoe Keys on Blab and were new to the platform , his help and advice were the beginnings of a good friendship.

The core of our chat today is Avant-garde art and project using people as paint. Our chat promises to interesting and thought provoking


Chat with Kevin Arrow of Sarkemedia Founder of the 30 Day Perisope Challenge 15/02/2016 at 7:00 pm

Kevin and I are long time real life good friends and over the last 10 years and more we have supported each other in many projects.

You may know Kevin from SarkeMedia and the 30 Day Blogging Challenge which he runs with Sarah.

Since Periscope appeared he has been running his own shows and has attracted quite an audience and an in depth knowledge of the system.

This show is to discover more about the ’30 Day Periscope Challenge’ and there will be an opportunity to talk to Kevin on air

Kevin says

‘The truth is, we’ve spent a lifetime building up up our business and tweaking and testing things, not unlike yourself. When you’re using a platform like Periscope demonstrating your expertise is how you generate leads for your business. Let me show you how.’

Babs Blabs about Blogs (with Steven )
18/02/2016 at 2:00 pm

Barbara and I have known each other for over 10 years , in her role as BlogMistress she hosts websites for Angelika and me and many of our friends , She is always there to lend a helping hand when we manage to break the sites , resolving problems without fuss and showing endless patience .

We will be discussing blogs

Last time we chatted I lost sound and Babs took control as I did the interview via text (Sorry Babs) . This time round we are co-hosting , my sound is working and we are good to go .

About Barbara

In a nutshell: having worked my way through from office junior when I left school at 16 (computers were rare and huge then – we used manual typewriters and log tables!) to management accounting, regional management for a security firm into a great role in the food ingredients industry, then up to London and computer support for some great blue chips, and finally settling in Kent to build my own business and focus on the Internet.

Now I’ve brought together my century-spanning (ok, so that’s just a lucky timing thing, but does add up to well over 15 years) experience of the web together with commercial experience, and focus on Internet marketing strategy – both enabling others to do their own and doing it for them with the team.

The rest of the time, I run the Blogmistress which offers every kind of WordPress help you might want.


Cendrine and Steven chat about Social Media for business with a special guest. 23/02/2016 at 8:00 pm

Last month I interviewed Cendrine and we got along famously and had a blast . So this month we are teaming up to co-host and chat with a very special guest about social media,

Cendrine Marrouat is a social media blogger & coach, curator, author, and photographer living in Canada. She is the founder of Social Media Slant, a blog helping small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs to figure out the basics of social media.

In 2015, Cendrine was recognized a Top 100 Business Blogger by BuzzHUMM. Social Media Slant also made Fit Small Business’ Best Small Business Blogs of 2015 list.

Cendrine contributes regular content for B2B News Network, and guest posts on several other blogs. She has authored two books.

The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win was awarded a 2015 Small Business Book Award in the Social Media Category.


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