Live Video Hub on Facebook – Promoting Upcoming Shows and Recordings on 

The images below are from shows which broadcast on the Live Video Hub. Broadcasters go live on their own business page and on the Hub at the same time.

Hover over or click an image to see details of the show , greyed images are for upcoming shows .

Press the play button at the center of each image to watch.

This page is updated live with the latest shows broadcasting on the Live Live Hub

Whilst watching a show on this page you can share and open the broadcast on Facebook to comment.

If you broadcast on to your Facebook Business Page and would like to join over 185 shows on the Hub – apply here.


the Live Video Hub is operated by and managed by Steven Healey.


When you are broadcasting on and go live on your Facebook business page you also go live on the Hub attracting a new global audience.

the Live Video Hub is the place to watch Live Videos broadcast on

We have selected live video creators whose work we know and respect

There are now 160 live shows on the Hub, so you are bound to find shows that you will enjoy.

All the show recording are available so you can search and watch the replays too.

One of the keys to the success of the Live Video Hub has been partnering with Rj Redden who has created great messenger bots which inform our audiences.

You can watch our messenger bot live show on Wednesdays at 12pm ET here are promoting over 195 broadcasters who have shows on the Live Video Hub , check out upcoming shows and watch recordings Click To Tweet Thank you to every single live broadcaster using who goes live on their Facebook page and at the same time on the Live Video Hub reaching new audiences. Watch the live shows and replays here. Click To Tweet