How the Aussie Community is Helping in the Bushfire


How the Aussie Community is Helping in the Bushfire.

Australians are no strangers to disasters. From raging bushfires to massive floods and cyclones. Each disaster brings it’s own set of challenges and requires unique responses specifically tailored to each region.

This is where Aussies come into their own! We put aside our ‘which footy team do you go for’ and band together to create a bond that’s so powerful we can move mountains.

Todays’ show is about a few outstanding Aussies, individuals and businesses who are pitching in and helping with the Bushfire relief and recovery efforts. We also want to recognise and thank the emergency services volunteers (Firie’s AND ALL of the support volunteers as well) for the work you do. Our country would suffer many more losses if it weren’t for you.

Join host Adaire Palmer & co-hosts Szebastian Onne G. S. & Theonie Roussianos as we talk with special guests who will share a range of perspectives about their experiences of the bushfires.

How you can help:
Make sure as many people as possible see these types of shows – the power of social media to create awareness cannot be underestimated!
Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds to any one (or more) bushfire appeals (we suggest you check your State or Local Government websites for more information
Be inspired by the people we’ve spoken to today, roll up your sleeves and take ACTION in whatever way you can that will benefit the community.



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    You’re doing Amazing all


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      Hello Lottie, they are brilliant

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