Five Day Push is a completely new way to reach out to your audience .

Five Day Push will

1 Drive traffic to your website

2 Cost you nothing and reach a wider audience

3 Cost your viewers nothing

4 Provide a showcase for your courses , services and products.

5 Give you complete control over course content including logos , text , photographs and videos.

What Happens

You create a short five day course consisting of an introduction , 3 days of content and a summary.

The pages you publish via Five Day Push can be blog posts (old or new) , web pages from your site, links to documents you have created ,to photo albums, to videos,music  or audio .

You can also use links to public web pages if it helps to tell your story.

Each content day consists of

1 Subject / Title

2 Short overview/introduction to the topic (up to 400 characters)

3 Link to the webpage on your own website containing the content.

Your course after review will be added to the Five Day Push course\adventure catalogue and we let you know the course number (then you can promote too)

Adventurers download the free Pushover application to their phone and register with Five Day Push and select their course whilst providing their Pushover ID.

Over the next five days they will receive an alert on their mobile / tablet or windows desktop which has your text and link for the day.

The final day will include your call to action , offering your course \ product \ or service .

At the end of the five days the adventurer can upgrade Pushover for a small one off fee and take further free courses or can delete the application.

What you need to do

1 Download Pushover to your Iphone \ Android

To obtain you Pushover ID register at the Pushover site which also has a Desktop version .

2  Prepare  your Five Day Push Course

A Introduction page in two parts .  An overview of your adventure and an insight into who you are

B 3 content pages which take the adventurer on a journey into your world .

Provide a subject , a short overview and a link to a page on your website.

C On day 5 a summary of the journey and the next steps that can be taken

This should include calls to action , links to your online courses with an affiliate link back to Five Day Push.

D Complete the form here with the above information.




Pushover is an application which works on Iphone , Android and Desktop .

Pushover transmits messages to the devices in three parts , subject –  message and link.

The application is free for 7 days and Five Day Push courses are designed to run in this free period.

For a small one off lifetime fee payable to Pushover ,people can license the application for an operating system .

If people do licence the application , then they are free to take as many FIve Day Push courses that they wish .. one at a time


Contact us on Twitter @FiveDayPush

Support support [at] fivedaypush [dot] zendesk [dot] com