Discover Your Signature Style & Stamp. The Truth About Your Fashion Style



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The Real Truth About Your Fashion Style!
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Discover Your Signature Style And Stamp!
Tuesday, August 6, 2019 7 PM EST

What style of fashion suits you the most? Let’s find out because you need to know and once you really get it you’ll have a signature style. Which styles bring out your personality the most, and how do you determine which methods are best for you and your lifestyle? Tonight we explore a lot of your possibilities. Your body shape comes first, and then your personality let’s discover where you are and learn what it offers, you will be surprised at how much it provides. Knowledge is the power they say, and so it is in everything, even fashion. Having a signature style means you know what you love, and if it looks the best on you, and why it does. We have so many fashion styles choosing ought to be fun. Drop by tonight, and we’ll discuss quite a few. We love seeing you, so drop by and spend some time with us, we can’t wait until then you do see you soon.


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