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Find your SPARK and discover a SMARTER way to work and live!

Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV from me, where Adaire talks to people in the community who are doing amazing things to add value to the lives of people around them. It could be meditation, a yoga class, learning to cook, reading Tarot cards or healing, physical fitness or gardening. Whatever you are interested in, it’s going to be covered here. Join Adaire and her special guests as we explore information and ideas that will help you live a fulller, more happier and productive life!

Join us live here:

Meet Jodie Nevid

Jodie is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Investor and Mum on a mission to Inspire people to Wake Up & Live Life By Design.

When she’s not overseas indulging in her love of travel, most days you’ll find Jodie practicing yoga, riding her bike along the beach or satisfying her thirst for growth and knowledge studying under the global masters.

Today, however, Jodie is on a mission to create a movement toward smarter ways of working and living.

Join the movement if you’re a:

– Organisations that value the unconventional approach to creating healthy, happy and high performing teams

– Leaders who want smarter ways to lead their team whilst maintaining optimal health and happiness

– Business owners who want to earn more and work less whilst maintaining the edge in their industry and staying healthy and energised for their family

– Lifestyle Entrepreneurs who celebrate eccentricity and actively lead the movement toward a better way of living and working

– Humans with a deep desire to live their best life and connect with a community that can get them started

– Anyone who loves a kick up the arse to re-ignite their spark and get them back on track to achieving their goals.

Become one of the game changers, the dreamers and doers who bend the rules, change the game and prove to the world that when you break away from conventional wisdom and wake up to the truth any impossible goal can become possible.

Become part of the movement. Want to know HOW? Join us today and find out!

Conference details: Wake Up Adelaide 2019

Connect with Jodie:



I am a LIVE video show host on and Lightstream,and Udemy instructor based in Wiltshire.

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