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Community TV with Adaire.

Welcome to Community TV with Adaire. TV for you by TV
from me, where Adaire talks to people in the community
who are doing amazing things to add value to the lives of
people around them.

It could be meditation, a yoga class, learning to cook,
reading Tarot cards or healing, physical fitness,
gardening or even building your own business.

Whatever you are interested in, it’s going to be
covered here.

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Meet Cathy Young
Cathy has been in business with her husband Geoff, for the past 34 years. She has owned small, medium and large businesses. One business started with 10 people in 2 states and grew to over 400 people in 27 locations around the world.

They sold that business twice. The first time for 7 figures the second time for 8 figures.

Cathy began an online business in the USA to prove you really can make money while you sleep.

Today Cathy and her husband Geoff work with business owners to implement the systems that finds the hidden money in their business, giving them the lifestyle they have always wanted.

They have experienced the highs and lows that business owners do and have a deep understanding of the simple systems that can increase profits for any business, of any size and in any industry.

Cathy IS the business owner who has walked in your shoes.

You’ll find Cathy here: Accelerate Business Consult- A B C

or here: The Redland City Business Network



I am a LIVE video show host on and Lightstream,and Udemy instructor based in Wiltshire.

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