‘I Live Here’ with Fonz and Steven on Belive.tv – Cambridge


Fonz Chamberlain ( the Cambridge Historian) and Steven Healey (Live Video Hub) have joined forces to create a new experimental show ‘I Live Here ‘

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In this ninth episode Fonz will be in Cambridge to give us his personalised guided tour of the city.

All our shows are hosted on Belive.tv and guests join in via mobile on location and give a short guided tour of where they live.

We invite you to join and if you would like to give a guided tour of where you are – in this show or a future show – just let us know.

Travel the world with Steven and Fonz


I Live Here – A weekly travelogue with Fonz Chamberlain and Steven Healey on Belive.tv


The History of our show

Our story begins with Fonz on a bus travelling into Cambridge city centre , Steven had just gone live on Facebook and his guest had not arrived,

Fonz joined the show via mobile and we chatted whilst the bus continued its’ journey. Then Fonz suggested that he could take us on a guided tour of the parts of Cambridge tourists do not see as he walked home.

The reaction to that show was instant and very positive with viewers joining in and asking questions. 

After the show Fonz and I had a chat and we both came up with the same idea – invite people to join us on mobile as they give a guided tour of their home town.

If you would like to join in and broadcast from your home town please message us here

I Live Here is the result broadcast at 9am ET 2pm BST every Tuesday.

Our next Show is September 4th

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The show that gave us the idea for I Live Here

If you would like to join in and broadcast from your home town please message us here

Do you have a story to tell about where you live, join Fonz and Steven at 9am ET every Tuesday and present a guided tour live on Belive.tv Click To Tweet


Talk Show with Steven and Stevie on Belive.tv


An informal get together on Belive tv where anything can happen with Steven Healey

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Let’s welcome co-host Stevie Knight as we explore social media and networking.

Join Stevie and Steven on camera or as a participant in the comments.

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Why should you use Lightstream to broadcast on Facebook and Youtube ?


Lightstream is the platform on which to be creative  you can tell your story . illustrate your journey, chair discussions and conduct interviews.

Lightstream has everything you need to create a memorable experience for everyone watching.

Lightstream is a pleasure to use and helps you show your artistic and creative side when going live.

Up to eight people on screen , switchable scenes which you design , text in any font [Size and color], integrated comments , the ability to show multiple images at once, screensharing , playing of uploaded video , RTMP source and RTMP output . You can custom create each scene that goes live. You can also just go live without any preparation at any time. Lightstream is as simple or complex as you want it to be.

You can access Lighstream here , create your account with Facebook and you a ready to build your live show.

Listed below are the features which make Lightstream a powerful yet easy to use platform to broadcast to Facebook , Youtube and Twitch.

1 Up to 8 People on Screen

With Lightstream more processing takes place in the Cloud rather than your chrome browser. you send your guests the link and after clicking it they will appear in the green room.
From there you can bring them onto one of the scenes and when all is ready go live.

You decide the layout of the scene And can place guests streams anywhere on the canvas.

2 Multiple Switchable Preset Scenes

Lightstream is build around the concept of projects (think production studios) and each projet can have several scenes which you can switch between when you are live.Each scene can be a combination of camera feeds , prerecorded video , multiple images and text.

3 Integrated comments

With Youtube (and soon Facebook) you can see the comments made whilst you are live. This enables you to create a truly interactive live experience.

4 Text on Screen (Scrollable)

Multiple texts can be placed anywhere with a scene. Each text is fully customisable in terms of position , font . size and color. Text can also be set to scroll at speeds you choose.

5 Show multiple images

Each scene can contain multiple images which can appear anywhere on the canvas. Like all assets they can be displayed or hidden at any time.

6 Screen share

You can share your entire screen , an application or a tab . In addition you can add your camera to the scene and position it anywhere. You can have your audio only if you change the transparency of the image

7 Play uploaded video clips (with sound)

You can upload video clips and show them when live . The sound does not play locally but will feature in the live broadcast.

8 Add RTMP Source

RTMP stands for Real-Time Messaging Protocol , a method of streaming audio, video and data over the Internet

Import a feed from you local broadcasting software into the studio. This covers all software that is capable of streaming RTMP output – Vmix , OBS and Manycam

9 Add RTMP Destination

You can broadcast to any site which has the ability to accept RTMP output . I use Restream.io to stream out to Periscope and Twitter. You now have a full live video production studio which can stream out easily.

Going from Lightstream to Periscope

10 Display local text files

You can store text documents locally and add them to your scene . If you edit your document the scene is updated.

Taking my Udemy course can save you time and money , I have been using Lightstream for the last eight months and my insights give you the inside track on operating Lightstream effectively.

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#Belive.tv – New Belive Gallery Feature demonstrated by Leland and Steven #AcrossthePondLive


Belive.tv Talk Show allows 3 people on screen broadcasting to Facebook Live from desktop or mobile.

There is a new feature in Belive.tv called Belive Gallery which displays photos from your Facebook Profile.

We explored how the new feature works as we went behind the scenes.

Not only can you use profile photos you can use photos from your business page

This opens up a new realm of broadcasting options as you can mix photos with people on screen.

Watch the video and discover this extremely useful facility.

The new feature will be available to Talk Show users from May 1st.


The Complete Belive.TV Facebook Live Course – with Discount Coupon

Belive TV gives you additional resources when you go live and I will show you how the maximise the potential of your live broadcasting.

Broadcasting with Belive is fun and a great experience for show host, guest and audience.

The ability to feature audience comments on screen and talk about them transforms viewers into participants. People become involved in the show experience and as host you can publicise their profiles, questions and comments giving them free marketing.

The ability to switch between five screen layouts contributes to the show feel , you can feature you or your guest or combinations of the two of you.

You will notice that I said ‘the two of you’ . Facebook LIVE is currently limited to one person on screen, with Belive you can double the fun by having two people on screen.


Belive.tv ‘Talk Show’ broadcasts with 3 people on screen to Facebook Live.

The course has been updated to reflect this

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