Hurrah for Huzza Live Video Chat


I am on a mission to discover and test the best live business video chat systems , this week we are looking at Huzza , a Vancouver based video chat system.

At a glance

Up to four video chat seats

Huzza live-streams are highly interactive and immersive. Chat with your followers. Answer their questions. Respond to their selfie video contributions!

Read and discuss topics with your audience using Huzza’s live text-chat

Live Q&A – stimulate discussion by showing viewers’ questions & your answers

Advertising by chat Host

Recording after show

Website Embedding

BIG Thank you to Patricia A Murray , Barbara Tomlin , Melody Lane and friends for introducing us to the system.


HeaderHuzza Details

JOIN US as we explore Huzza . Thursday at 1:00 PM

The replay is below , please start watching at the 6 minute mark (we had problems before this)