Last week we visited Currys,

A new oven to stop our worries.

The door of the old one was broken.

It was no good to reopen.

At Currys we found a lovely new one.

It’s electric and doesn’t cost a ton.

The old one was gas but that was ok.

Currys said we’ll get it Tuesday!

The new oven arrives and looks good.

But the engineer seems to be misunderstood.

“This is gas?” he asked, “this is gas?"

I couldn’t understand all the fuss!

“I’m qualified to do electricity,

But gas is not my speciality!"

So he left the new oven with us.

And I was close to cuss.

“But everything will be sorted.

On Friday” he snorted.

“Ok” we replied, “that’s not late.”

“We can cope with a little time wait.”

Friday comes and surprise,

A gas engineer arrives.

He caps off the gas and removes the oven.

But install the new one he doesn’t.

“I’m qualified to do gas,

But I can’t install this, my lass!”

“You’ll need an electrician for this!"

I wonder, “Are you taking the p***?”

“An electrician will come on Sunday.”

Ok, that’s just one day and one day!

Sunday morning came and went.

It was driving me round the bent.

Finally the electrician arrives

with his tools and plenty of smiles.

He installs our oven, gives it a test.

Hurrah, the oven is working its best!

Finally we were able to say ciao

to the engineers of KNOWHOW.

They were lovely and did their best,

But KNOWHOW’s organisation took it to the test.

This job should have been done in one go.

This is something KNOWHOW should know!

Know how? You just don’t have it! 

New Oven