Wiltshire Business Club – Member Interview with Tim Coe


In our monthly series of interviews with Wiltshire Business Club members I am looking forward to chatting with Tim Coe .

Tim is the author of ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal‘.

Every business wants more new clients followed by long-term happy clients. I’m sure you’re no different.

Business is about standing out , not blending in

Tim’s aims for his clients are simple – get more new clients and keep old clients happy. Standing-out and following-up are not new concepts, but who actually pays serious attention to these key areas? With eye-catching branding, promotions, wording, design and imagery that is discussable, unforgettable, distinctive and unique it’s easy to become the talk of the town [if you want to]. Tim Coe is author of ‘Your Utterly Seductive Proposal’ and will discuss all things marketing with me on Thursday evening …….

Please join us LIVE

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