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Several years ago I was a member of a UK based networking site and when people asked about me I simply gave them a link to my profile page on the site Unfortunately that website no longer exists and so my search has been for a new home for my profile.

Ideallly you want a page which people will want to visit which stores a short biography and then links to your main Social presences , you also want a place is is visible to everyone . This rules out Facebook as in order to view a profile you have to be a member of Facebook . LinkedIn does give you a public profile page , but does not show as much information as members of LinkedIn can see .

Over the course of this week I will look at three or four sites which close to providing a great profile page  Xeeme , About.me and newcomer Follr.me

There is no ideal solution , there is choice and you can simply select the one which suits your needs. If you know of other sites which perform the same function please let me know.


Social Profiles


Xeeme Overview ( “Xeeme Main Page” )

I have been using Xeeme for about 3 years and it has definitely helped promote my social presence

There is an active Facebook support group ( “Xeeme on Facebook” ) . The management team of Axel Schultze ,Marita Roebkes and Rob Stevenson are very involved and ultra responsive to Xeeme members input .The forum is very active and over the years many friendships have grown. It is a community in the true sense of the word.

As a well connected person or brand you keep in touch on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SlideShare, Google+, maybe Pinterest, various groups and other places and spaces. Instead of sharing all those URLs or let your contacts search for you, give them a single URL:


Xeeme Advantages

Xeeme Advantages

steven’s XeeMe

Setting up a Xeeme account is straight forward .

You simply add links to all your sites and they are then presented on one page.

If you then give someone a link to your Xeeme page they can quickly see and visit all your online presences

They do not need to have their own Xeeme account .

My Xeeme is here “Steven’s Xeeme”

steven's XeeMe

Xeeme Future

The profile site is just one aspect of Xeeme.

In 2013 Society 3 who run Xeeme also launched Buzz , a highly effective social content promotion system.

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