How to be a good host on – Part 1 @Blab


In the last five + months on Blab I have had more fun than a host of other networks , I have joined in as a guest and talked with people around the globe.

I have also hosted over 30 shows and this week Jon Upton and I will be running our 13th ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show .

There are three sets of people involved in any Blab

Primary Host who arranges the Blab and controls the live show

Guests  Up to 3 guests may also appear live on camera

Audience Who can view the Blab live or watch the replay. If watching live they can appear on camera (see guests) and make comments and ask questions


To host a show NOW.


Creating A Blab


(1)  Choose your Blab title . 

Make it as meaningful as you can , if you have  a guest – name your guest and your topic

(2) Select up to three Tags

These will be used by potential viewers when searching for a Blab.

(3) Select an image

If you have a guest use their picture

If you are running a series of Blabs create a show card . I create mine using Relay  (Interview with Craig Carpenter CEO is here )

(4) To host the show at once press [Now]

Finally press [Start Now]


Hosting a Planned Show (with a guest)

The start steps are the same as hosting a show on the spur of the moment , simply set the Blab to start a future date,


After you have booked the show you need to build your audience

From within the Blab

1 You can promote on Twitter .  You can edit the tweet and remember to Check the time and edit to your own time zone.

2 You can promote on Facebook . You can edit the text.

3 You can embed the Blab on your website in a blog . Copy the code and paste into your blog post.

When I have create a planned Blab I write a blog post on the topic of the blab and the guest and then embed the Blab within the post. This means people can subscribe to the blab and watch it live on my webpage.

In the run up to the Blab I promote the blog on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn.

On the Day of the Blab

Keeping contact with your guest is important especially if it is their first time on Blab . I create a chat on Facebook messenger to enable me to talk to the guest before and during the blab if problems arrive.

On the morning of the Blab I greet them and post the following message

‘I will start the event five minutes early to give people a chance to take their seats and we can check out our settings and promote the Blab as it goes live. We can use Facebook chat as a back channel to communicate during the live event in case of problems . Of course now we are fully prepared we should not have any .

I will make you co-host of the Blab . This has two effects , if I have problems and need to leave the Blab and come back there will still be a live Blab to return to . The second benefit is that the Blab will appear on your own Blab profile page around 20 minutes after the event , you can then repurpose it if you wish by sending out links.

I answer any questions they may have

Then 15 minutes before we start I connect again and we just chat .

I start the Blab 10 minutes before the start time and post the link in the Facebook Messenger chat and tell my guest to click the link and press the Call In button next to my picture

This gives us 10 minutes to

1 Check out sound
2 Check out video
3 I explain the Blab interface to my guest and to everyone watching .
4 We promote the LIVE Blab by Twitter and Facebook.

This warm up period is essential .

Then we can go live and start recording on time .

Interview Blabs

If you have invited someone to be a guest on your show then they are the the person your viewers have come to watch.

To me this means that my job is to lead the discussion and prompt with questions as the interview progresses. I want to hear what my guest has to say and so do the audience.

The job of the host is to make sure everything runs smoothly , we will discuss how to do this in my next blog post.

In the meantime check out Blab yourself by clicking here

Finally .. what do people talk about on BLAB ? EVERYTHING !!


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