What are Blab.im video chats ? An introduction


and why are thousands of people getting involved ?


In the last five + months on Blab I have had more fun than a host of other networks , I have joined in as a guest and talked with people around the globe.

At first I was wary of going onto camera live before people I did not know , so for the first month I explored and watched Blabs on a variety of disparate topics . Then one day Phil Aston was holding one of his ‘Cornwall Blab Hour – Business Networking’ shows and he invited people to join him on camera.

Much to my surprise I did , fifteen minutes later I was bitten by the Blab bug . I wanted to do more , host my own shows – get Blabbing. I have never looked back.

With Jon Upton I host a weekly show every Thursday called Blabbing for Britain . Over the weeks Jon and I have been joined my many guests , friends of old and new friends who we found on Blab . We talk about everything under the sun , people join us on camera for the first time and we have a great time chatting.

So what does a typical Blab look like ?


Let’s take a closer look


To take an active part in a Blab you need to be logged in using your Twitter Account

(1) Host

Every Blab has a host . They schedule the Blab , promote it , start it on time and control the proceedings . Every host has moderator powers.

The host may also appoint other people to co-host

(2) Guest

The second seat may be taken by a guest who joins after the Blab has started by calling in .

(3) Open Seat

Every Blab has four seats , two taken by the guest and host . Seats 3 and 4 can be opened at the discretion of the host and more people can join in the chat and ask questions or add their viewpoints to the live discussion.

(4) Viewers

At the top of the screen we can see the avatars of people who are watching live . As a member of the audience yourself you can click on the avatar and follow them both on Twitter and Blab is you wish .

(5) Comments from viewers and (6) Message Box

As a member of the audience (logged in with Twitter) , you can make comments during the course of the discussion. you can also ask text questions by prefixing your question with /Q

(7) Questions from the Audience

When a text question is asked it appears on the left hand side of the screen for the host to see. They can then select the questions and bring them into the discussion.

(8) Blab Promotion

Blabs can be promoted on Twitter and Facebook – before the event , during the event and after the even to promote the replays if the show was recorded.

(9) Blab is a Community.

If you want to connect with the people taking part on camera in the discussion then an automated system gives you the option to do so. This saves time if there are four people on camera.

(10) Audience Numbers

At the top of the screen you cam see two totals . The left hand one is the number of people who have viewed the Blab , the right hand one is the number of people logged in who are watching the show live.

You can watch any Blab without being logged in .

(11) Blab Topic

The topic of the show is decided by the host.

Taking part in a Blab is simple .

(A) Login with Twitter and you can make comments and ask questions whilst watching the show

(B) Going live on air , press the button and at the discretion of the host(s) you can go on camera and join in the video discussion.

In my next blog post I will cover best practice in hosting a Blab and how my adventure of interviewing over 20 great friends on camera to a LIVE audience began.

In the meantime check out Blab yourself by clicking here (It takes you to Blab)

Finally .. what do people talk about on BLAB ? EVERYTHING !!

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