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Let’s welcome co-host Stevie Knight as we explore social media and networking.

Join Stevie and Steven on camera or as a participant in the comments.

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    Jim Bannon

    Marc David Montgomery, using a door knob hanger

    with a #Call2ACTIONSymbol – including the hashtag #MDMWIN….
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    Not understanding the difference between — PRO BONO Education…and Advertising…. can be COSTLY.

    ….Leaving folks ILLITERATE & Ignorant in Today’s lightning fast Digital 2-Way COMMUNICATION World.

    Folks need to overcome FEAR, Skepticism, and laziness.

    Just GOOGLE the hastag… #LISTEN2LEARN

    One of the Most Read Posts….
    N JOY! –

    Maria Rekrut

    Hello from Canada!!

      Steven Healey

      Hello Maria

      Maria Rekrut

      How are you today? Are you still live?

      Be Live in Five

      No , this is the recording . We will be back next Tuesday live at 12pm ET

    Jon Upton

    Email works better than ever, if well written, as so many others have stopped sending emails cos’ they’re chasing people on social media. In reality they need to be marketing everywhere in everyway 😉

      Steven Healey

      I am trying to be everywhere 🙂

    Rj Redden

    Can only use with pages, but you also can build a sequence and put it on your personal profile.

      Steven Healey

      I will ask you about this on Wednesday

    Rj Redden

    Would work well with your new program, Stevie!

    Rj Redden

    Live Video Hub!!!

      Steven Healey

      I do try to mention it on every show 🙂

    Tish Rosales

    Joel Comm I believe
    is in Colorado, as well.

    Franco Franco

    But sometimes it would be good for your brand to put in the extra effort 😉 Right?

      Steven Healey

      I agree that recorded video should be the best you can create.. Live is the best you can do at the time

    Rj Redden

    That reminder was not subtle at all 🙂

      Steven Healey

      Sorry 🙂

    Rj Redden

    Hello there!!! Greetings Steven and Stevie!!

      Steven Healey

      Greetings Rj

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