Talk O’ Tuesday Auditions – Round 1 Show 04


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Talk O’ Tuesday Auditions – Round 1 Show 04

The search for two co-hosts for a brand new show, Talk O’ Tuesday, continues.

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Listen in as our final auditioneers battle it out to move into Round 2 of the auditions.

Talk O’ Tuesday is a fun, positive and uplifting talk show.

Are you looking for a talk show that brings happy and positive thoughts into the universe? Then Talk O’ Tuesday is where it’s at. No back stabbing. No name calling. No one-upping each other to make ourselves feel “better than” others.

Talk O’ Tuesday is truly about inspiring and motivating people to Move Into Action.

Broadcasting with Lynda Sunshine West, we will be interviewing guests from around the globe.

Today, meet the two broadcasters who are vying for a place in the semi final. Vote for your favorite. The voting polls open Tuesday, November 27, after the audition. Go to to vote.

Show production by Steven Healey


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