Steven’s Recent Firetalk Business Video Chat Shows : Firetalk closed December 2017



On behalf of all live broadcasters who used the service , I would just like to say thank you.

You provided great service and support .


In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of chatting with many great people.

Live video chat brings networking to life , being able to chat with a live audience Is magic .

I am lucky to have an amazing group of co-hosts on the shows – thank you to Jon Upton , Leland Best (USA) , Cendrine Marrouat (Canada) and Dan Knowlson . As you can see we are truly international.

Then there are our guests – Angelika Davey, Anthony Carranza , Jay Saunders , Katrina Moody, Mike Wood , Nicky Kriel , Gary Loper , Ruud Reimerink , Tim Coe , Kevin Arrow , Guillaume Decugis , Barbara Saul , Clare Evans , Lilach Bullock, Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Mike Allton

Thank you everyone

The shows each month
Blabbing for Britain (weekly)
Across the Pond (weekly)
Wiltshire Business Club Interviews
Clare Evans talks Time Management
Cendrine and Steven Interview
Empire.Kred Live

I also enjoy interviewing business people for around the globe in my Business Interviews

Enjoy the videos

You can also watch the videos , register for upcoming shows and watch LIVE on my Firetalk channel

Remember Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM ‘Across the Pond’ with Leland Best , Thursday at 10:00 AM ‘Blabbing for Britain’ with Jon Upton

steven healey on Firetalk

Steven is a software designer ,business chat show host on Firetalk and open networker based in Wiltshire. He has designed , coded and implemented two major software systems which have been used b…

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Live Business Video Interviews on #Blab in April 2016 . [Updated]


Introducing another great series of Blab interviews with a group of people I know well and respect.

Many I have been connected to over the last ten years , several I have met , all are friends

Topics .. real world practical advice from people at the top of their game

Blabbing for Britain \ DontStreamandDrive \Taking Care of your Inbox \ The Participant Principle \ Thryyve Social Media Engagement Show \ Wiltshire Business Club \ Promoting your Blog Posts \Content Curation \New Software Launch

Blabbing for Britain with Jon reaches show 21 . Join us for video chat in a relaxed atmosphere 7th April 10:00 AM

We discuss everything under the sun and are joined by people from around the globe

Blab is about getting involved , networking , chatting with people from around the globe.

Blab is ideal for interviews , group discussions , tuition and promoting your cause

When we started our aim was to explore Blab ourselves , to promote a site we both enjoy using and encourage people to join us on camera .

We are succeeding

Over the weeks we have made many new friends around the globe and met up on video with people we have known online for years but never spoken to directly.

Blab is more than a video chat site , there is a real sense of community.

#DontStreamAndDrive 8th April 10:00 AM


SgtTCS says

‘2016 is reportedly the year of livestreaming video. The rise in the number of platforms that facilitate this service has seen a rapid increase in live video.

Driving is a complex operation and needs your full concentration all the time. Livestreaming video has spread into the world of driving. Motorists are livestreaming video as they drive, interacting with comments and essentially taking their focus from where it should be.

The consequences can be fatal. #DontStreamAndDrive day has been set up to encourage the livestream community to pledge to never stream and drive, to encourage others not to and to never watch a broadcast where the host is driving.

Please support me on April 8th.’ You can help by clicking here THUNDERCLAP

Jon and I will be Blabbing for the cause on Friday

Handling Presentation Nerves with Simon Raybould 12th April 7:00 PM

Simon and I have been good friends for over 10 years and he is the author of ‘Presentation Genius’

In our last Blab we covered presenting in general , this time Simon is focusing on ‘Handling Presentation Nerves’ which is something the majority of presenters feel before (and possibly during) a LIVE presentation .

We hope to have as much fun on this Blab as we did the previous one
Simon says

‘I started life as a research scientist: I looked at the causes of childhood leukaemia. After 24 years as a researcher I gradually became more interested in how science is communicated (or not) because what people act on is very different from what researchers *know*. Then I got more and more into understanding how *anything* was communicated, not just science. I’ve also worked as a lighting designer for dance companies, written a few books and plays, been a teacher, been a fire-eater and other things I’ve forgotten….. :)’

‘Take Control of Your Inbox’ … ‘Manage Your Email More Effectively’ April 18 5:00 PM

Clare Evans (author of Time Management for Dummies) and I will be exploring the above topic and welcome your questions.

Are you constantly checking your inbox for new messages throughout the day?

Are you tempted to go and read new email when you hear that alert go?

Emails can be a great time waster and provide a constant distraction throughout the day. If you’re going to make the most of your day then one way to increase your productivity is to limit the amount of time you spend on emails and use the time that you do more effectively.

THE PARTICIPANT PRINCIPLE: with Maya Middlemiss 19th April 2:00PM

A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research

Maya says :

‘We’ve been recruiting research participants for so long, it was time we wrote the book.

Published in Spring 2016, The Participant Principle: A guide to getting the best recruitment for your user testing and qualitative research by Maya Middlemiss distills the experience and expertise of recruiting well over 25,000 participants for projects all over the UK – ranging from focus groups to eye tracking, food tasting to family ethnography, and everything in between.;

The Thryyve Social Media Engagement Show with Paul and Steven 20th April 5:00PM

In our third chat Paul will cove every aspect of using Thryyve to fully engage your audience on Twitter and Facebook.

We will journey through the extensive search and discovery facilities , the profile system . building lists , message lists either via DM or @ message .

We also discussed the inbuilt survey facility.

This looks like becoming a regular monthly chat

Wiltshire Business Club – Member Interview with Dan Knowlson of Elements for Life
21st April 7:00 PM

Elements for Life , chocolatiers, based in Wiltshire owned by Dan and Paul Knowlson celebrated 5 years in business on November 1st 2015.

I am looking forward to hearing about their business since they created their first Raw Chocolate kit and invented Yummy Scrummys and their best selling hot chocolate drink

Dan and Paula are passionate about their craft , love their customers and take pride in producing a quality product.

After the success of the Blab with Phil and Roland of Wiltshire Business Club we decided to run a WBC Blab Session every month.

On the Third Thursday of each month there is now a members Blab

1 Interview with featured WBC members
2 Question and Answer session with members watching live
3 Open session to discuss the topics of the day

The Wiltshire Business Club is a FREE to join Business Network to promote business in Wiltshire. We have regular meetings and webinars and aim to help each other find new customers and suppliers. You can join at

The Wiltshire Business Club supports, advises, connects and grows thousands of businesses across Wiltshire (and the surrounding areas). Please connect with us across all major social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. Follow the hashtag #wiltsbc’

Promoting your Blog Posts with Barbara and Steven 22nd April 2:00 PM

Barbara and I have known each other for over 10 years , in her role as BlogMistress she hosts websites for Angelika and me and many of our friends , She is always there to lend a helping hand when we manage to break the sites , resolving problems without fuss and showing endless patience .

In this session we will discuss promoting your blog posts and welcome your involvement via questions and taking part in our chat

Cendrine and Steven chat with Martin W Smith about Content Curation April 26th 8:00 PM

After our amazing chat with Kelly Hungerford in March , Cendrine and I are now looking forward to chatting with Martin W Smith.


Beyond the numbers, content curation creates connection and learning. I’ve learned more from Ana Cristina Pratas, Brian Yanish, Jan Gordon, Cendrine, Kelly Hungerford, Karen Dietz, Malek and others than attending expensive conferences, reading preaching white papers or listening to self-serving podcasts.

Being a member of the “curator community” is one of the biggest perks.

Curation is more of a journey than a destination for me. I read something every day I want to STOP THE WORLD and share (lol). I’m honestly all in all the time and that stance is important and why my tribe grows.

Conversation with Michael Szerencsy 27th April 2016 5:00 PM

I cannot say too much at this stage as Michael prepares for the launch of the software , however I will say I have used the Alpha version whilst watching the T20 cricket .. and it rocks !!


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Letters from Wiltshire


Dear Reader

Most weekends Angelika and I go for a walk in the wonderful countryside around Wiltshire , there are so many places to explore and although we visited 26 (and more) of them last year when Angelika wrote her book ‘Wiltshire von A bis Z ‘ there are still many places to see .

Last weekend was no different but we had a mission – to buy bread and cakes from Michael the German baker who had a stall at a fayre in Tidworth . There was very little publicity about the event so we set of on our journey armed only with a postcode.

We drove to Tidworth across Salisbury plain and parked on the Tesco car park and set off in search of the Fayre. Tidworth is a garrison town with army bases nearby , a civilian population of 9,500 and is the birthplace of James Blunt.

From the car park we headed left and followed a route on The Ave which leads to Tidworth Park . The park is a green open space and is ringed by signs saying ‘The public are free to use the park however HM Forces reserve the right to restrict access’ . We followed the road to the roundabout and found ourselves directly in fron of the spendid facade of Tedworth House , which is run by Help for Heroes as a Recovery Centre. We explored the outer grounds and despite Google Maps saying we were in the correct postcode still , there was no sign of a fayre.

Attribution: Andrew Mathewson

Attribution: Andrew Mathewson

We decided to walk on and found ourselves walking next to Tidworth Polo Club , which we subsequently learned has the largest membership of any polo club in the country , including Prince Charles , Prince Harry and Prince William.

So far we had walked about two miles and admitted that the fayre was nowhere to be seen. In the distance we could see vehicles and a road which we headed towards. We found ourselves at the Tidworth water treatment plant and a van was parked outside , the driver was just locking the gates . We engaged him in conversation and asked whether he had heard about the fayre and the location . He was very friendly and helpful but had not heard about the fayre. We asked the best way back into town and he advised not to use the road we are going toward but to retrace our steps back into town.

We walked away arm in arm , there may be no fayre to be found but we could have a snack on our return to Tesco. We did retrace our steps alongside the polo ground and in 15 minutes , with sodden feet had reach the road leading to Tedworth house.

As we reached the road a white van headed towards us bearing the water company logo , we stopped to give him room to get by on the single track road . We then recognised the driver , it was the gentleman we had spoken to earlier . He wound down his window and said he has found the Fayre and proceeded to give us directions as to how to get there. We were extremely grateful for he had driven 2 miles out of his way , found the fayre then driven one mile back to find us .

Following his directions within 20 minutes we were at the Fayre talking to Michael the German Baker sampling and buying his wonderful fresh bread and cakes.

We did not tell Michael we got lost and we hope you will not either . We had a wonderful walk around the countryside around Tidworth , discovered Tedworth House and the Tidworth Polo ground , but the highlight of our day was meeting a true gentleman who went out of his way to help us.

So until the next time we meet , we wish you similar good fortune .
Steven and Angelika




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