Steven’s Short Twitter Survey – The Results – Part 1


In April I decided to test Google Forms by creating a poll based on Twitter.

I asked a series of multiple choice questions and also asked for comments.

I then embedded the form in my WordPress blog.

To encourage people to take part in the survey I ran missions on Empire Avenue , tweeted of course and mentioned the survey on my Facebook timeline and in the groups I run there.

I am grateful to the 119 friends who completed the survey , they are all active on social media daily and represent a good cross section of Twitter users.

It is now time to publish the results , Part 1 today and Part 2 next week

How long have you been Tweeting ?

The figures show that the vast majority of people have been using Twitter for 2 years or more , some are still using it since it started and new people are joining

How long have you been Tweeting ?

Number of Followers

In Twitter as in other social networks there is no one way to run your account , you should run it at the level that suits you.

The more people who follow you , the greater your potential audience and the more people can see your tweets.

If you decide to grow your audience , you can use the free GROW YOUR ACCOUNT facilities at



Number of Followers

How many times do you Tweet per Day ?

Having a Twitter account is one thing , using it effectively is another . Again there is no wrong way to do it (unless you start annoying people)

The majority of people in the survey tweet up to 10 times per day (63) , a number of people tweet up to 20 times a day (including me) (27).

We can see that a significant number tweet up to or over 50 times per day

How many times  do you Tweet per Day ?

What Percentage of Tweets are automated ?

We can tweet live from a wide variety of applications , but our audience is global and the biggest benefit of automation is to send out tweets to our contacts when we are asleep or not online.

50 people in the survey do not use any automation , what you see are tweets they have posted live.

A significant number (30) automate a third of their twitter output . This is the level I operate at using , Scredible and Hootsuite

A small number automate 50% of their tweets and 17 people use automation over 75% of the time.

My perspective is that most of the time when I tweet I am online and people can see my tweets and can respond and start a conversation

There is a debate as to whether Twitter is a broadcast medium or is for conversation , ideally it is a mix of those.

What Percentage of Tweets are automated ?

What are the benefits of using Twitter ?

I asked people to write about the benefits of using Twitter , these quotes are selected from the responses


A constant stream of stuff, like a never ending magazine that you can open any time and leaf through the pages’near real-time ‘conversations’ with friends all over the world.’

Brand engagement and reinforcement

Connecting to an international community of doctors, researchers, healthcare providers and patients and that would otherwise be unavailable to me. Conferences, journals and webcasts are also made available via Twitter.

I’m really not sure…

Driving traffic to my blog to gain readership, meet new people and learn.

For me it is essentially a very useful means of gathering news and opinions globally. Additionally, it is useful for political interaction and, rarely, personal interaction.

Get instant feedback about your products and/or services

Has helped me build a strong audience for my blog, website, apps and business in general.  It is the best Social Media channel for me and my business.

Spread important news, quick turnaround, lead generation and branding

Requests for help.

Updating followers.

See things I wouldn’t otherwise see. Develop mutually- helpful relationships

social interaction, empowering sharing of good content from others, news

Networking, getting sustainable informations, raising awareness about human rights issues.

Quickly able to spread the word or message that I need to.

Meeting people at a grassroots level, I’m a journalist and they are the one’s who really know what’s going, can tell you the real story.

Social interaction, empowering sharing of good content from others, news


Again a BIG thank you to everyone who took part in the survey 🙂

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A Tale of Two Tweets (why some tweets are read more than others) #EmpireAvenue #IALTY


On twitter the size of your audience matters , the more people who see your tweets the better chance you have of being noticed . The aim should be to engage an increasing number of people in your interests and business expertise.This applies especially when you are building your online reputation using Twitter.

In my last blog post I referred to the Tweet activity dashboard

I promoted the blog post in two tweets and monitored their progress using the dashboard

This is the first tweet


As you can see the tweet was viewed a reasonable number of times but there was no further activity.

The second tweet was sent out moments later


As you can see the text in the tweet is similar to the first one , the reaction however is markedly different


What made such a difference between reactions to the two tweets ?

Why did the second tweet have 7164 views compared to 149 for the first tweet , after all they were both promoting the same blog post and tweeted from the same account.

The second tweet was retweeted by 49 people ; 48 people actually clicked the link , 35 people favourited the tweet , 4 people replied to me and most rewarding 5 people followed me.

The reason is simple ‘the Empire Avenue’ effect . On Empire Avenue you can create a mission asking people to visit a tweet and read it , they are then free to take any other action they wish . I ran a mission 64 people visited the tweet from Empire Avenue and 49 people took further action.

This signifies at least three major points ..

1 If you tweet once and do nothing else you will attract a reasonable number of views. That is the end of the story.

2 The real benefit comes from encouraging interaction on the tweet.

The more people who RT (retweet) you , the larger your audience and the bigger the reaction.

3 Having systems in place that encourage people to promote you.

The key to this is investing time in interacting with people building relationships and trust. This is also known as networking

It really is about engagement and I am still learning daily on how to improve , which is why I joined the #klout70 inititative .

If you have any questions about Empire Avenue or #klout70 then please ask.

Note #IALTY is the tag for ‘Is Anyone Listening to You’ which is the theme of this series of blog posts.

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Is anyone listening to you ? .. The Tweet activity dashboard will tell you


In an ideal world every time you tweet every single one of your Twitter followers has the possibility of seeing it.

Simply put your total reach (audience) is your number of followers.

Reach is not the same as the number people reading your tweet.

In fact only 1 or 2% of your followers will be see each of your tweets as a general rule . So if you have 2000 followers , between 20 and 40 people will see your tweet.

If you are retweeted by someone then your potential reach increases. The excellent Tweetreach ( ) can measure the potential audience for your Tweets.

Twitter analytics takes this one step further – it gives you all the statistics on each tweet you have sent in the Tweet activity dashboard

You can register for your own Tweet activity dashboard here and there is a full explanation here

The system starts measuring from the day you register , so you may have to wait to see some action.

I have been using the system for several months and below are the daily views of all my tweets over the last 28 days


The chart shows the number of views day by day , for each tweet you send further information is available . This tweet was promoted using my friends on Empire Avenue


The graphic shows the tweet was seen 6005 times , retweeted by 59 people , 35 people favourited it , 12 people responded in my timeline , 9 clicked on my profile and of those 3 followed me

The other interesting point is that the tweet was posted on Tuesday and was still being seen on Saturday


The life of a tweet was researched by Peter Bray in his blog When Is My Tweet’s Prime of Life?

The Tweet activity dashboard proves you do have an audience . In following blog posts I will look behind the statistics and show how we can use them to improve the level of our readership and can increase both response and interaction.

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