Live Shows this week from Be Live in Five


We broadcast from Monday through Friday and we invite you to join us.

The videos will be on this page


Monday Broadcast to Your Community Every Monday 12pm ET 5pm GMT – Live from Canada with David Burrows and Steven Healey

Tuesday Talk Show Every Tuesday 12pm ET 5pm GMT – Live from the UK with Steven Healey and Tina Shang


Wednesday Are you using Facebook for good and not evil?  6pm ET 11 pm GMT with Adaire Palmer and Theonie Roussianous live from Adelaide Australia



Thursday  Blabbing for Britain  5am ET 10am GMT with Steven Healey , Jon Upton , Stephen Silk and Peter Stewart live from Wiltshire England



Thursday  The Thursday Show 12pm ET 5pm GMT with David Vaughan , Bridgetti Lim Banda , Tina Shang , Robert C Stern , Jessica Payne and Steven Healey live from North Carolina

Thursday Broadcast Your Business to Profits 1:30PM ET 6:30 PM GMT with Raven Blair Glover and Steven Healey live from California

Friday Bridgetti and Steven in Discussion  1pm ET 6pm GMT with Bridgetti Lim Banda and Steven Healey live from Wiltshire England.

We look forward to talking with you soon .

The videos will be on this page


How to go live on Facebook and Youtube utilising Udemy courses by Steven (and much more)


I enjoy creating courses on Udemy and invite you to take a look at my current catalog.

Thank you to over 4000 students who have taken the courses and left reviews 🙂

If you comment on this post I will send you a discount coupon !!

Click any of the pictures to discover more about each course.

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Discount Coupons  Currently $10 or £10 for each course

Going Live on Facebook for Beginners

The Complete Belive TV Facebook Live Course (Upd October )

Repurpose your Facebook Videos on Youtube and SoundCloud

The Complete Lightstream to Youtube Live Course

How to create your own online course step by step /Productize your Knowledge


Empire.Kred LIVE , The recordings


Empire.Kred members shared their thoughts and expertise in our first LIVE event which took place on both Blab and Firetalk video chat systems.

The live events were well attended and viewers interacted with our knowledgeable guests.

01 Build Your Audience with Empire.Kred Missions

in this first session of the Empire.Kred LIVE weekend Ruud Reijmerink and I discussed Missions.

We started with an explanation missions and their place in promoting you business or cause

We chatted about creating good missions which will be well received , Ruud gave plenty of insights into strategy and shared a wealth of tips and tricks.

Great content needs a great audience. Ruud Reijmerink shares proven strategies he uses to reach new people and keep followers engaging.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Ruud on Empire.Kred

02 The A,B,C’s of Empire.Kred Missions 

In this second very enjoyable Empire.Kred LIVE event Knikkolette discussed the best approach to missions for new players.

In the video you will find many hints and tips which will help you make a good start on Empire.Kred

Start at the beginning. What is a mission? Why would you run one? Who does them? How do you stand out? Knikkolette Church introduces you to the Empire.Kred “mission” – a powerful tool for introducing your content to people who share your interests.

Hosted by Steven Healey

Knikkolette on Empire.Kred

03  Social Media + Social Selling = RESULTS

Weekend conversation with Keith Gill and several guests exploring the impact of Social Media on the sales profession. We covered some innovative ideas about LinkedIn, Twitter and how using Empire.Kred can and should be an integral part of your social selling activities.

Hosted by Miles Austin

Keith Gill on Empire.Kred

04 Talking Twitter Masterclass with Nicky Kriel and Gary Loper

Hosting a show you want to create an entertaining informative fun show for your guests and everyone watching .. this is the closest i have been to that goal

Nicky and Gary over the course of the talk became so involved in the converation that they brought Twitter to life

If you are looking how you can make Twtter part of your marketing mix then Nicky and Gary have created the perfect masterclass here

Thank you both 🙂

Hosted by Steven Healey

Nicky Kriel on Empire.Kred

Gary Loper on Empire.Kred

Our thanks go to our hosts , our guests , our wonderful engaged audience and to the team who organised and promoted the weekends events

We will be back , if you would like to be involved in future shows contact Steven or Nance



Make your Social Media Count with Lilach Bullock


Lilach and I have known each other over 10 years and it was a pleasure to finally meet on Blab.

Over the course of an enjoyable informative chat Lilach shared some of the ways she Makes Social Media Count for her clients around the globe.

We were joined by Nicola Gaughan and an engaged audience

Thank you to everyone who watched live , enjoy the replay !!

Lilach says

If your social media isn’t adding to your business – adding profile, reach, leads, sales, then stop what you’re doing. Because, you’re doing it wrong.

Social media done right can open up those opportunities for you. Done wrong and it drains your time, energy and resources – and can be pretty stressy too..

Want to build connections, generate leads and sales with social media? Great! But, social media stinks, doesn’t it? Yep, it sure does – if you’ve tried it and not got the results you wanted, or you feel overwhelmed with where to start or how to get it all done.

I get rid of the overwhelm, the hassle, the time suck and the endless posting and tweeting with no results. Because. Results. Count. And, quite frankly, let’s not dress this up – that’s what you are interested in, isn’t it?

Now, let’s get one thing straight – I work with solo entrepreneurs, small and medium sized enterprises and charities which are doing fabulous work and want to make a difference in this world.

Wednesday May 11 at 5:00 PM


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Empire.Kred First Ever Video Chat on @Blab


When Wednesday 27th April 12:00 PM EST 5:00 PM GMT
What to bring

To take part live .. Twitter Account , Video Camera , Microphone and earbuds
To watch ..             visit the URL

As this is the first ever video chat , anything can happen.

Watch the replay


Up to four people can join in on camera at any one time and we will rotate the seats so that everyone gets a chance to have their say

It is an opportunity to meet fellow Empire.Kred players , put faces to names and discuss the game.

I have had the pleasure of hosting over 60 Blab shows and the time is right to bring Empire.Kred and Blab together.

Please join us on the day here

This is a members open event run by Empire.Kred members


In the first ever Empire.Kred open chat hosted by Jon and Ishared hints and tips on improving your presence on the site with help from Skip Bieber

We were joined by Lisa and Stephen , both relatively new to the site and we discussed ways to make progress on the site.

We covered setting up your profile , buying shares and taking missions.

There is a slideshare overview here

The replay is on Youtube