Live Shows this week from Be Live in Five


We broadcast from Monday through Friday and we invite you to join us.

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Monday Broadcast to Your Community Every Monday 12pm ET 5pm GMT – Live from Canada with David Burrows and Steven Healey

Tuesday Talk Show Every Tuesday 12pm ET 5pm GMT – Live from the UK with Steven Healey and Tina Shang


Wednesday Are you using Facebook for good and not evil?  6pm ET 11 pm GMT with Adaire Palmer and Theonie Roussianous live from Adelaide Australia



Thursday  Blabbing for Britain  5am ET 10am GMT with Steven Healey , Jon Upton , Stephen Silk and Peter Stewart live from Wiltshire England



Thursday  The Thursday Show 12pm ET 5pm GMT with David Vaughan , Bridgetti Lim Banda , Tina Shang , Robert C Stern , Jessica Payne and Steven Healey live from North Carolina

Thursday Broadcast Your Business to Profits 1:30PM ET 6:30 PM GMT with Raven Blair Glover and Steven Healey live from California

Friday Bridgetti and Steven in Discussion  1pm ET 6pm GMT with Bridgetti Lim Banda and Steven Healey live from Wiltshire England.

We look forward to talking with you soon .

The videos will be on this page


Stu Grubbs CEO of LightStream chats with Steven Healey and Vincent Burkardt Live on Youtube


Our first live interview with Stu Grubbs CEO of Lightstream .

‘Lightstream is a simple, web-based broadcast studio powered by the cloud. We simplify the streaming process so that anyone is able to stream what they’re passionate about.’

In discussion with myself and Vincent , Stu explains how the idea for Lightstream was born , the technical challenges the team have faced , the realisation of their vision , how he sees the platform being used and most importantly the team’s love of both gaming and live streaming.

After 500 live shows I discovered Lightstream and the high quality of video broadcasting live to Youtube. We can now use Youtube to create brilliant videos which we can repurpose across our blogs , Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Google + .

Now is the time to become involved in live video , we are pioneers and through LightStream we can create high quality recordings on Youtube, Facebook and Twitch.

LightStream is currently free to broadcasters

You can acess Lighstream here , create your account with Facebook and you a ready to build your live show.

Taking my Udemy course can save you time and money , I have been using Lightstream for the last eight months and my insights give you the inside track on operating Lightstream effectively.

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