Camera Confidence and Improving your on Screen Presence on


Day 1 of FIve Days Live online training. #FDLAug2018

Your co-hosts today Lynda Sunshine West, David Burrows and Bridgetti Lim Banda

Thank you to everyone who watched live, your comments were awesome 🙂

We will be discussing ways in which you can overcome your fears, gain confidence and be natural on camera.

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You are welcome to join on camera, ask questions , share your ideas and get involved.

During the show our co-hosts will share links to resources which will help you improve.

Show produced on by Steven Healey of the Live Video Hub

Camera Confidence and Improving your on Screen Presence on with Lynda West, Bridgetti Lim Banda and David Burrows. Show Produced by Steven Healey Click To Tweet Get rid of the fear and go live anyway with Bridgetti Lim Banda, David Burrows and Lynda West Click To Tweet

Lynn says

‘Thank you all! This was valuable information shared and giving us the opportunity to be on your shows.’

​Cheryl says

‘Will share to my group page LOVE 💖LAUGH💖BE HAPPY 💖’

​Joe says

‘Excellent stuff team. Many thanks x’


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