Content Creation and Curation for Everyone


Once you have taken the decision to create an online presence the first hurdle you face is – ‘How are you going to create the Content people will want to read ?’ .

There are of course people who output totally self penned content and having crafted it publish and promote it daily.

I am not one of these people , I simply do not have the time for all my content to be self penned. I do however post every day on Facebook,Twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn.

How can I find interesting and topical information created by others in order to share is the key question.

The first step is to determine topics in which I am interested and which will be of interest to my audience.The topics should be relevant to my business however they should be varied in order not to bore anyone who reads my ramblings.

Ideally they should be a mixture of business and personal.

It is possible to use applications which will not only discover fresh content and promote it daily with your contribution limited to simply setting up the system.In this way you have a daily presence but it is not personal, people will quickly realise this and stop reading.

We need systems which will alert us to relevant information and allow us to select items and comment on them before promoting them via Twitter and Facebook.

In the next blog posts I will be taking an in depth review of the systems I have used successfully over the last two years . We will be exploring , Swayy , GaggleAmp and more including Empire Avenue

At the end of the series of blog posts you will have at your fingertips a number of free resources which will help create and maintain a presence online and build your reputation.

The next blog post in there series is here  and this one tells you how to help your friends too .

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