Camera Confidence with Bridgetti Lim Banda , Lynda West and David Burrows – on Facebook Premiere


This show was originally broadcast as part of Five Days Live.

Today I used Facebook Premiere to upload the video and play on the Be Live in Five page and the Live Video Hub page.

(Yes you can cross post Premiere videos)

When I was producing the show I could not really listen , this time I did and I was able to chat with everyone who watched the recorded video as it played live.

The result was very positive . Another great Facebook feature.

Day 1 of FIve Days Live online training. #FDLAug2018

Your co-hosts today Lynda Sunshine West, David Burrows and Bridgetti Lim Banda

Thank you to everyone who watched live, your comments were awesome 🙂

We discussed ways in which you can overcome your fears, gain confidence and be natural on camera.

Show producer Steven Healey of the Live Video Hub