Voting in the 2017 Streaming Awards – Results #TopBrit #Belivetv


The Results

The original blog post

Voting for the Streaming Awards is now open .

I thank everyone who nominated me and will be eternally grateful if you visit the voting page 🙂

If you enjoy watching my shows on Facebookas much as I love making them then ..

You can vote here

You can vote for Jeff Adams who hosts #BeliveWeekly at the same time 🙂

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Get Free 1-2-1 Help with Going Live on + Free Udemy course


Belive in Five on Belive tv is a personal mentoring program designed for you.

Host a live interview with a remote guest, and broadcast your face to face talk to Facebook. Use split screen, picture in picture, or let your guest have the whole frame!                            are offering you a free 1-2-1 session with an experienced mentor to help you go live for the first time,

To get personal 1-2-1 tuition message us here

The Udemy course by Steven Healey and Tina Shang  is one of the resources in the ‘Be Live in Five’ program

It covers the Five Steps in the Personal Mentoring Program and is designed to give you a permanent reminder of best practices when going Live.

Our Personal Mentors provide you with 1-2-1 support and advice before you go live for the first time on Belive tv.

Our Mentors are recognised by Belive as effective regular broadcasters on the platform.

They have an in depth knowledge of Belive ‘Face to Face’ broadcasts.

They are ready to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

To join us on

Register on the Free Udemy course ‘Be Live in Five’ by Tina and Steven

To get personal 1-2-1 tuition message us here

Finally join the NEW Be LIve in Five Student Group


Our Mentors with CEO Daniel Mayers


Our Shows on Facebook

If you would like to appear as a guest on a show before hosting your own then

Tina and April host the ‘Belive in Five’ Show on Facebook every Wednesday at 9pm ET.

Steven and Bridgetti host the ‘Belive in Five’ Show on Facebook every Friday at 1pm ET.



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Book Talented Live Broadcasters from around the world via The #OneStop.LIve Show Episode 01


Please visit the OneStop.Live Facebook Page here for details of this free landing page offer to LIVE broadcasters.

This was the frirst show on . ‘Basic and Advanced Toolsto Produce a Great Facebook Live Show’

The Onestop mission is to help live streamers find another way to monetize their live streams.

I was joined by Stephen O’Donnell , Leah Finlay , Peter Stewart , Robert C Stern and Irene Enriquez Chan co-owner of OneStop.Live.

I thank each and everyone of you and your input is valued.

To everyone who watched , liked , commented and asked questions – thank you.

The resulting show was a blast to host : We will see you next week , same day , same time

Todays Links :
Steven’s Course

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LVS17 Video Streaming Advice with David and Steven Episode 19


This was Steven and David answering your LiveStreaming Questions and discussing recent videostreaming updates

Thank you to Jason Franco for joining is live.

Thank you to everyone who watched , linked , commented . asked questions and supported.

To join our group visit #onSmiletime

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Tzafrir Rehan CTO of Chats with Leland Best and Steven Healey #AcrossThePondLive Today


On Tuesday 18th April there was a very special edition of ‘Across the Pond’ when Leland Best and I chat with Tzafrir Rehan , CTO of .

This was an ideal opportunity to join Tzafrir on screen and seek answers to your questions about Belive.

Since launching in public Beta in October 2016 have gone from strength to strength.

Belive TV gives you additional resources when you go live to Facebook and we will show you how the maximise the potential of your live broadcasting.

Broadcasting with Belive is fun and a great experience for show host, guest and audience.

The ability to feature audience comments on screen and talk about them transforms viewers into participants. People become involved in the show experience and as host you can publicise their profiles, questions and comments giving them free marketing.

The ability to switch between five screen layouts contributes to the show feel , you can feature you or your guest or combinations of the two of you.

You will notice that I said ‘the two of you’ . Facebook LIVE is currently limited to one person on screen, with Belive you can double the fun by having two people on screen.

Now with the upcoming release of the ‘Talk Show’ format 3 people can appear on screen with a further 10 in the green room ready to come on screen.

There are more new features to be launched in the coming weeks – perhaps Tzafrir will tell us more 🙂

You can watch live on this page . or on the Across the Pond Facebook page here

To set the scene for Tuesday’s Broadcast

My Interview with Daniel Mayer , CEO of in the week of the launch (October 2016)

Caren Taubman Glasser interviewed both Tzafrir and Daniel in January 2017

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