#Belive.tv – New Belive Gallery Feature demonstrated by Leland and Steven #AcrossthePondLive


Belive.tv Talk Show allows 3 people on screen broadcasting to Facebook Live from desktop or mobile.

There is a new feature in Belive.tv called Belive Gallery which displays photos from your Facebook Profile.

We explored how the new feature works as we went behind the scenes.

Not only can you use profile photos you can use photos from your business page

This opens up a new realm of broadcasting options as you can mix photos with people on screen.

Watch the video and discover this extremely useful facility.

The new feature will be available to Talk Show users from May 1st.


The Complete Belive.TV Facebook Live Course – with Discount Coupon

Belive TV gives you additional resources when you go live and I will show you how the maximise the potential of your live broadcasting.

Broadcasting with Belive is fun and a great experience for show host, guest and audience.

The ability to feature audience comments on screen and talk about them transforms viewers into participants. People become involved in the show experience and as host you can publicise their profiles, questions and comments giving them free marketing.

The ability to switch between five screen layouts contributes to the show feel , you can feature you or your guest or combinations of the two of you.

You will notice that I said ‘the two of you’ . Facebook LIVE is currently limited to one person on screen, with Belive you can double the fun by having two people on screen.


Belive.tv ‘Talk Show’ broadcasts with 3 people on screen to Facebook Live.

The course has been updated to reflect this

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Belive.tv Weekly Tips and Tricks by Steven Healey [Updated 20 April] #Belive


Every Monday Jeff Adams hosts the #BeliveWeekly Show on Belive.tv at 3pm ET (8:PM BST) here

Jeff says

‘New #BeLiveWeekly It’s BeLiveWeekly free for all! We talk live streaming and everything BeLive.tv! Join host Jeff Adams as special Weekly guest Ross Brand and Steven Healey. Be a part of the program as well! by getting on screen and asking questions! ‘

I am featured on the show every show giving. Tips and Tricks on how to succeed at live broadcasting on Belive.tv. Ways to improve your presence , your reach and attract new audiences.

If you would like to try Belive.tv then

To go live on your own https://belive.tv/qa

To go live with two people on screen https://belive.tv/face

You can watch #BeliveWeekly here 3pm ET 8pm GMT on Monday https://www.facebook.com/pg/BeLiveTvA…

This video below contains all my tips from the shows.

The Tips and Tricks from the Weekly Show

1 Thinking about Broadcasting – Just Go Live #BeliveWeekly

2 Using the Agenda to improve your broadcast #BeliveWeekly

3 Engaging the Audience

4 Finding Guests for your Show

5 Conducting an Interview




You can buy my Belive.tv course on special offer for $10/£10 here

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