Catchup with Live Video shows from the Be Live in Five team (Oct 30 to Nov 3) #BeliveTv


A big thank you to the hundreds of people who watched the shows , commented and brought the shows to life 🙂

Five days , five shows , hosts from England , South Africa , Australia and the USA. All brought together on Facebook Live video using

Enjoy the replays .

All the broadcasts go out live on Facebook from






Finally Blabbing for Britain now in it’s 98th Episode

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Share with Hani Mourra – automatically transfer your Facebook videos to Youtube & Soundcloud


This was Hani Mourra and Steven Healey talking about

In a lively session Hani answered questions on how you can automatically transfer your Facebook videos to Youtube , Soundcloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

I have been using the software for 5 weeks and as I do 6 to 8 videos per week it saves me time and improves my own workflow.

You have created awesome content on Facebook using video. I have too 🙂

Does the story stop there or can you take the video and show it to a wider audience.

I have downloaded them and then uploaded them to Youtube and it is a laborious, time consuming task.

What if there was an application that could do this and more ?

Since I have started using ‘Repurpose’ I have been blown away by how powerful the system is. ‘Repurpose’ gives our live videos a second life as we can use them to reach an even wider audience.

Since the moment I started using it I have saved hours each and every week.

My NEW Udemy Course ‘Repurpose your Facebook Videos on Youtube and SoundCloud’ Discount Coupon $10

If you would like a Free Trial of Repurpose

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The Complete Belive.TV Facebook Live Course on Udemy


You can buy the course on special offer for $10/ÂŁ10 here is changing the way in which we broadcast on Facebook Live

I have created a course covering on Udemy containing 6 + hours of video all you need to create a successful show.

In this course I will show you how to go LIVE on Facebook with features that are not available when going live using the Native Facebook system

Belive TV gives you additional resources when you go live and I will show you how the maximise the potential of your live broadcasting.

Broadcasting with Belive is fun and a great experience for show host, guest and audience.

The ability to feature audience comments on screen and talk about them transforms viewers into participants. People become involved in the show experience and as host you can publicise their profiles, questions and comments giving them free marketing.

The ability to switch between five screen layouts contributes to the show feel , you can feature you or your guest or combinations of the two of you.

You will notice that I said ‘the two of you’ . Facebook LIVE is currently limited to one person on screen, with Belive you can double the fun by having two people on screen. Now in beta test and covered in the course is Talk Show with 3 people on screen

Recent Shows


You can buy the course on special offer for $10/ÂŁ10 here



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Business Interviews on Blab in May 2016 [Updated]


This month I have a stellar line up of guests on Blab , all ready to share their expertise and answer your questions LIVE on Blab.

Social Media for Bloggers with Mike Allton Tuesday May 3 9:00 PM GMT 4:00PM EST

Mike and I first connected on the Empire.Kred social networking and business game site several years ago .

Since then I have enjoyed reading the articles published on the Social Media Hat and totally changed the way I use Hootsuite after reading The Unofficial Book on HootSuite .

Mike has recently returned from attending SMMW16 in San Diego and I am looking forward to chatting about Social Media for Bloggers

About Mike

I love to help small businesses and organizations that are interested in using the Internet more effectively. I provide a comprehensive set of consulting services, which include Social Media, Blogging, SEO and Internet marketing.

I provide my business clients with ongoing marketing advice and assistance. I can tell them exactly what they need to do, or just do it for them, depending on how involved they wish to be. These ongoing activities can include blogging, creating and updating social network profiles, interacting with followers and readers, and managing online advertising campaigns.

I will teach you how to leverage content to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, nurture leads through your sales cycle, and convert those leads into sales and customers.

I am the editor at The Social Media Hat ( where I regularly share articles discussing Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology.

I am also a HootSuite Certified Professional and educator, which means that if you’re using HootSuite to manage your social media accounts, or want to, I can help you learn how to use and configure the tool. I wrote the book on Hootsuite, “The Unofficial Book on HootSuite” –

You can subscribe and watch here May 3 9:00 PM GMT 4:00PM EST

Blabbing for Britain , news , questions and chat Episode 25 Thursday May 5/12/19/26 at 10:00 AM

This week sees our 25th ‘Blabbing for Britain’ show and we thought we would take a moment to look back and thank the people who have taken part.

We discuss everything under the sun and are joined by people from around the globe

Blab is about getting involved , networking , chatting with people from around the globe.

Blab is ideal for interviews , group discussions , tuition and promoting your cause

When we started our aim was to explore Blab ourselves , to promote a site we both enjoy using and encourage people to join us on camera .

We are succeeding

Over the weeks we have made many new friends around the globe and met up on video with people we have known online for years but never spoken to directly.

Blab is more than a video chat site , there is a real sense of community.

If you want to try out the site in friendly surroundings with hosts who never take themselves too seriously , bring you the latest Blab updates , UK news of the week and an opprtunity to join in on camera or simply just to watch THEN

Helping aspiring authors get their books out of their heads and into the world Friday May 6 at 1:00PM

Mindy and I have known each other over 10 years and she has helped many aspiring authors to publish their books.

Mindy is currently expanding her business by using Vmboom to fundraise (see )

We will be discussing the fundraising and how you can get your own book published

Mindy says

2.87 billion people want to write a book, but 2.58 billion of them will never do it, without the guidance and support of The Book Midwife.
At The Book Midwife, we help aspiring authors get their books out of their heads and into the world.

Most people who want to write a book never even start. They don’t know where to start or how to start. They have massive self-doubt about their ability to write a book, and they don’t know if their idea is any good. Some people start writing a book, but never get to the finish line. That self-doubt creeps in, they get lost or run out of ideas, or life just gets in the way.

Empire.Kred Open Chat Tuesday May 10 at 5:00 PM

In this second Open Chat on Blab we will be talking about how to maximise the benefit of the Leaders packagen and about how to thrive on Empire.Kred
Already 12 EK members will be there , can you join us ? ..

You can watch live , ask questions via text or appear on camera.

It is an opportunity to bring Empire.Kred to life , to see and talk with the people who you have connected to on Empire.Kred.

The event is open to all . If you have questions please ask

This is a members event organised and run by members

Make your Social Media Count with Lilach Bullock Wednesday May 11 at 5:00 PM

Lilach and I connected over 10 years ago and have helped and supported each other over the years.

Lilach says

If your social media isn’t adding to your business – adding profile, reach, leads, sales, then stop what you’re doing. Because, you’re doing it wrong.

Social media done right can open up those opportunities for you. Done wrong and it drains your time, energy and resources – and can be pretty stressy too..

Time Management with Clare Evans Monday 16th May at 2:00 PM

Clare Evans (author of Time Management for Dummies) and I will be exploring the above topic and welcome your questions.

Clare , Mindy and Lilach and I all connected on UK networking site many years ago. I enjoyed reading Clare’s book and refer to it often

About Clare

I’m a Time Management and Productivity Coach and the Author of “Time Management For Dummies”.

My clients include Executives, Business Directors, CEOs and Partners who want to reduce their stress, improve their time management, productivity and organisational skills, change career and improve their business and personal balance.

I specialise in Time Management and Leadership Development applying both business and personal coaching techniques to support, challenge and motivate you to maximise your potential and use your strengths to achieve success.

Homeopathy works for everybody with Giovanna Giraud-Saunders of WBC Thursday 19th May at 7:00 PM

This is the monthly Wiltshire Businnes Club online meeting and this month’s guest is Giovanna Giraud-Saunders of Giovanna Giraud-Saunders
What is Homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a natural system of medicine. It is effective and gentle.
Minute doses of substances derived from minerals and from the animal and the plant kingdom are used to stimulate the healing process within the individual.

It is safe for people of all ages including babies, and during pregnancy.
It is safe to use alongside other forms of medical treatment.
It does not cause any side effects and it is not addictive.

WordPress Blogs with Barbara and Steven Friday May 20th at 2:00 PM

Barbara and I have known each other for over 10 years , in her role as BlogMistress she hosts websites for Angelika and me and many of our friends , She is always there to lend a helping hand when we manage to break the sites , resolving problems without fuss and showing endless patience

Interview with Guillaume Decugis ,CEO & Co-Founder at Tuesday May 24th at 8:00 PM

Cendrine and I are really looking forward to talking with Guillame . We are both avid Scoopiteers and have been for years.Scoop2


We all need to become media. helps millions of professionals as well as thousands of businesses and enterprise clients discover, curate and publish great content to increase their visibility online.

By combining a big data semantic technology that helps them quickly find relevant content with an easy-to-use social publishing platform, we help them show their expertise, develop their online visibility, enrich their blogs or web sites, save time managing their social media channels and build their communities of interests.

Discover Yourself! Love Your Life Effectively with Elsabe Smit Wednesday May 25th 5:00 PM

Elsabe and I connected after an introduction by Fraser Hay and I am looking forward to an interesting chat.

Central to our discussio will be the Domino Effect

The domino effect where you do something right and it opens doors for you in other areas of your life were you least expect results, e.g. you help a friend and win something on the lottery

Increase your Social Media Engagement Using THRYYVE with Paul Ince Thursday May 25th 5:00 PM

I am looking forward to my next chat with Paul Ince as we explore how Thryyve can help you increase Social Media engagement .

Thryyve Social engagement made easyy.

How do you find relevant people that are interested in your brand without having to sift through masses of irrelevant data?

With Thryyve you can take control of your social engagement and allow our intelligent system to automatically provide you with the closest matches based on what they talk about.

These people love your products, are ready to advocate your brand, and buy. Don’t waste time, start talking to them!


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Martin W Smith chats about Content Curation with Cendrine and Steven


In an enthralling enjoyable conversation with Cendrine and me , Marty Smith gave an extensive overview of Content Curation

Marty covered best practice in Content creation and took us through the platforms .

Marty believes in building community and conversation using content and the power of story telling.

After our amazing chat with Kelly Hungerford in March , Cendrine and I are now looking forward to chatting with Martin W Smith of Curigami . Curagami works with e-commerce clients to develop creative apps to engage, involve and thrill customers.


Tuesday 26th April at 8:00 pm



Beyond the numbers, content curation creates connection and learning. I’ve learned more from Ana Cristina Pratas, Brian Yanish, Jan Gordon, Cendrine, Kelly Hungerford, Karen Dietz, Malek and others than attending expensive conferences, reading preaching white papers or listening to self-serving podcasts.

Being a member of the “curator community” is one of the biggest perks.

Curation is more of a journey than a destination for me. I read something every day I want to STOP THE WORLD and share (lol). I’m honestly all in all the time and that stance is important and why my tribe grows.

Blab  Cendrine Martin April

Our Last chat with Kelly Hungerford

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Promoting your Blog Posts with Barbara and Steven


In this session we will discuss promoting your blog posts and welcome your involvement via questions and taking part in our chat

You spend hours drafting and redrafting your blog post , select the perfect images , do all the SEO and publish the result.

What happens next ? Unless you have an email list to tell about your new post , few people will see your post. We all deserve a wide audience for our blogs – to achieve our goal there is work to be done.

The replay on Youtube

Barbara and I have known each other for over 10 years , in her role as BlogMistress she hosts websites for Angelika and me and many of our friends , She is always there to lend a helping hand when we manage to break the sites , resolving problems without fuss and showing endless patience .

The replay

Friday 22nd April 2:00 PM

Our video chat on images is here


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Interview James A Ziegler,Techniques / Marketing to produce large conferences


Blab-with-Jim Photo

Jim and I spent an enjoyable hour on as Jim gave a Master Class in Conference planning and Marketing. We first connected 10 years ago and have remained firm friends ever since

In a wide ranging chat Jim explained his extremely successful approach .

He covered

Choosing event locations\Finding Sponsors \ Selecting speakers \ Email and Text Marketing \ Blogging \ An integrated approach to Social Media Marketing \ Facebook Pay per Click

The importance of Facebook and Facebook groups was discussed at length.

If you are looking for an insightful practical hands on approach on the subject of Conference Organisation , you have found it.

Thank you Jim.

Jim’s website

Or on Youtube

To keep up to date with Steven’s scheduled Blabs please SUBSCRIBE to our email list


Blab Background

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Interview with Craig Carpenter of Relay , a new way create business graphics


A video chat with Craig Carpenter CEO and founder of Relay on Blab

I first saw Craig on a Blab and decided to try his business graphic creation system. I was impressed and so arranged this chat

During the course of the chat we explored how Relay has grown from an idea to a full blown graphics creation package.

We talked about how Relay works , the benefits of using the system , the creation of shareable high quality business graphics using the 300 + templates

Craig’s knowledge of the industry and enthusiasm shone through and with help from enthusiastic existing users of the system we explored Relay.

Craig answered questions from participants in the #Blab and explained in full the company’s strategy , the power of the system , and how it can be used on Twitter , Facebook , Linkedin and other major online networks.

You too can try the system here


You can watch the replay on Blab



or watch on YouTube

PS If you would like also to be interviewed , at a time to suit you ,please message me



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Blabbing for Britain using #Blab Hints, Tips and Questions Answered by Steven and Jon [Updated 02 February]


Every Thursday Jon Upton and Steven Healey host Video shows on Blab. We have both hosted Blabs and are enthusiastic Blabistas .

Each show features an introduction to Blab and the latest features .

The Aim

To show you how you can use Blab in your business and your networking activities.

Our goal is to help you to host your own Blab and take part live in other peoples Blabs.

The atmosphere will be  informal and you will discover how easy to use and useful Blab is .

What is Blab ?

Blab is a public video conference with up to four participants live streaming . The system integrates with Twitter and it has its own comments system for viewers to interact and ask questions which the video panel can answer.

Blab requires only a video camera , a microphone and earphones.  There is nothing to download for hosts or viewers . It works on Windows , Mac .there is an Iphone app and on Android it works in your browser

And while there are already group video chats services like Google Hangouts and Skype’s group video call feature, what makes Blab attractive is its focus on social networking and bringing the Twitter community closer together through video. It’s also (at least so far) a lot easier to use than the aforementioned services. Source Mashable

Show Formats

There are many different ways to use Blab. We’ve created a platform, and our users guide the content. Sometimes it’s tricky to know which type of format fits your Blab, so I’ve mapped out some ideas.

Brittany of Blab has shared typical formats here 

To join join our Blab simply subscribe below , all you need is your Twitter Account


OUR NEXT BLAB Thursday 4th February 2016

The Youtube Recording of Episode 1 November 5th 2015

We were joined by Alan Rae , Stephen Bray , Andrew Wilcox and Sonia Harris.

Episode 2 November 26th 2015

We enjoyed meeting several new people .

We were joined by Kelvin Fagan, Steven Bate, Ani Alexander, Peter Stewart

Episode 3 3rd December

Jon and I were joined by Paul Deach and Kevin Scullion

The discussion covers allotments , travelling around Scotland , social networking and Blab of course


Episode 4 10th December

Today Jon Upton and I were joined by Kevin , Liam , Ani and Wendy and our largest live audience to date.

We heard about the latest Blab update , the importance of sound quality , video editing software , Blab uses , moving to England and we all got to know each other better.

Kevin suggested that sound and video quality could be improved by buying a Logitech HD PRO WEBCAM C920 – so I did

You are welcome to join us Thursdays at 10:00 AM GMT


Episode 5  Dec 17, 2015 

We were joined by Liam and Paul in a wide ranging discussion

Blabbing for Britain Christmas Party  December 24th 2015

Jon and I held our virtual Christmas Party with Liam and Kevin

We were joined by Su Butcher (from her car) . Alan Rae , Laurence Lowne, Kevin Arrow, Stephen Bray and a host of other friends


Eposide 7 Blabbing for Britain December 31st 2016

Jon and I discussed the weeks events and were joined by Peter Stewart, Kevin Scullion and Saul Fleischman

We looked forward and chatted about our plans for the New Year

Blabbing for Britain Episode No 8 7th January 20156

Jon hosted the show after Windows 10 decided to mute my microphone .

Jon was joined by Rod Sloane , Peter Stewart , Liam O Gogain ,Paul Deach and via text Sharlene Ryle

Blabbing for Britain Episode No 9 14th January 2016

Our busiest Blab yet with more people than ever before getting involved and watching live

We were joined by Peter Stewart , Kelvin Fagan ,Kevin Arrow ,Alan Rae , Paul Deach and leane Smith

The discussion was lively and wide ranging

Blabbing for Britain Episode 10 21st January 2016

Another lively session as Jon and I were joined by Andrew Wilcox replete with cycle helmet camera.

We covered Blab updates , cricket and tennis

Blabbing for Britain Episode 11 28th January 2016

Wow , what a show with 50 people logged in and watching. Thank you to everyone who watched and joined in.

We were joined by steve lawson (Beekeeper, gardener ) from Eutawville in South Carolina who explained the practice of keeping bees. and moves to combat Colony Collapse Disorder.

Stephen Silk ,co-founder ERIS Technology Ltd . who talked about emotional analytics applications. Definitely an area to keep a watch on .

Kelvin Fagan helped bring us up to speed on Blab developments and third party apps.

CJ Sohal kept an eye on the Blab and the chatter

Ileane Smith joined us again and lifted everyone’s spirits

The shows run every Thursday at 10:00 AM GMT


To keep up to date with Steven’s scheduled Blabs please SUBSCRIBE to our email list

Steven’s Blabs

* indicates required

Blab Background



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Interview with Jon Upton of THINK! and do about Digital Marketing


On Wednesday I interviewed my long time friend Jon Upton on the subject of Digital Marketing . It promises to be an interesting insight into the online world but may drift into other topics.

You are most welcome to join us and participate by asking questions or joining us online , all you need do is login with your Twitter Account

If you subscribe you can watch live or watch the replay .

PS If you would like also to be interviewed , at a time to suit you ,please message me .

You can also watch LIVE here

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