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Promoting your WordPress Blogs – Announcing BlogBOOSTER Beta Testing


What if there was an easy way to promote your catalogue of blog posts ?

You spend countless hours writing , crafting and designing them . When you are finished you promote them by sending out a couple of tweets then you and your readers forget them.

This is a waste

Many of your blog posts are timeless and worthy of promoting to a wider audience , with promotion at different times of the day.

Now normally this would take time to set up and maintain .


The aim is simple to PROMOTE the Blog Posts you select from your WordPress site(s) on Twitter WITHOUT your entering data

Step 1 Export your Blogs from WordPress (using a plugin) to an Excel spreadsheet and IMPORT into BlogBOOSTER

Step 2 From the blog list you have imported , select the Blog Posts you want to promote

Step 3 Switch the Booster ON and leave it running


Find out more in the Blab today

or on Blab here

If you would like a copy of BlogBOOSTER please register

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Interview with Jeroen Geut ,helping digital businesses to grow their efficiency


Last night was an enjoyable chat with Jeroen Geut about Digital Business Support .

Jeroen and I connected on Facebook and I have joined his group Digital Business Support

Jeroen explained the group was for anyone who did business online from selling on Amazon , running Udemy Courses ti running Webinars

We covered the creation of the group , its aims and the current members

This was followed by a chat about social media in general.

You can find the Facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/digibizsupport/

Jeroen Geut, a finance and accounting professional with broad experience in business. His sector and industry range from hotel and catering, financial services and information and communication technology, to name a few.

Having recently been described as a new generation accounting professional, Jeroen has proven to enhance businesses efficiency and effectiveness, taking accounting and finance away from SME owners/managers daily worries.

His key question: “How much is it going to cost if you don’t do it?” instead of saying: “Don’t do it, it will cost too much.”, allows him to work successfully with numerous clients, who also get to benefit from his broad, multi-lingual network and international focus

Monday 08/02/2016 at 8:00 pm .

You can  watch the replay below


Or on Youtube

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