We can produce your Show on Facebook Live


OR you can book a free 15 minute consultation at a time to suit you HERE
I look forward to hearing from you.

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The Complete Belive.TV Facebook Live Course on Udemy #Belive.tv


You can buy the course on special offer for $10/£10 here

Belive.tv is changing the way in which we broadcast on Facebook Live

I have created a course covering Belive.tv on Udemy containing 6 + hours of video all you need to create a successful show.

In this course I will show you how to go LIVE on Facebook with features that are not available when going live using the Native Facebook system

Belive TV gives you additional resources when you go live and I will show you how the maximise the potential of your live broadcasting.

Broadcasting with Belive is fun and a great experience for show host, guest and audience.

The ability to feature audience comments on screen and talk about them transforms viewers into participants. People become involved in the show experience and as host you can publicise their profiles, questions and comments giving them free marketing.

The ability to switch between five screen layouts contributes to the show feel , you can feature you or your guest or combinations of the two of you.

You will notice that I said ‘the two of you’ . Facebook LIVE is currently limited to one person on screen, with Belive you can double the fun by having two people on screen. Now in beta test and covered in the course is Talk Show with 3 people on screen

Recent Belive.tv Shows


You can buy the course on special offer for $10/£10 here



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Firetalk Video Chat – Building Community


Firetalk- Building Community


Firetalk is an always-on interactive video platform that empowers a new generation of broadcasters to engage with and monetize their audiences.

Firetalk is the new broadcasting home of many friends I made on Blab and we need a way to find each other and to discover new shows.

The Firetalk community is growing and everyone can enjoy free to air broadcasting.

You can watch your favorite shows , interact in chat and take one of the four video seats to join in live.



Building Community

This is the first step in building our community on Firetalk

A community in which everyone interested in video chat can be involved.

Every broadcaster has their own profile page showing

Contact details


Chat with host

Video Playlist where you can watch selected recorded shows.

We should subscribe to the channels that interest us and support each others shows

Building Community

Profile Pages – Steven

Link https://firetalk.com/stevenhealey

Steven is a software designer ,business chat show host on Firetalk and open networker based in Wiltshire.

He has designed , coded and implemented two major software systems which have been used by clients throughout the UK

Website http://stevenjhealey.com/

Profile Pages - Steven

Profile Page Ileane

Link https://firetalk.com/ileane

I’m a Blogger, Podcaster, YouTuber, Social Media Diva!


YouTube: https://youtube.com/msileanespeaks

Twitter: http://twitter.com/ileane

I will help you find your voice so that you can create meaningful content that motivates your audience to take action.

Profile Page Ileane

Profile Page Barb

Link https://firetalk.com/barbtusa

Experiential Storyteller/Speaker/Live Video Show Producer ? Born to Stream LIVE – Techniques, Tips & Tricks for Live Audio/Video Show Broadcast Production, Promotion ? Barbi.LIVE – Life Streaming Adventures with Online Pioneer/Entrepreneur/Trainer @BarbTUSA

Profile Page Barb

Profile Page David

Link https://firetalk.com/iamdavidvaughan

Tech – Media – Marketing & More I am the Entrepreneurs Geek and I am here to give you what you need. Get Your Tech Travel Resource Guide FREE http://bit.ly/tttcc

Profile Page David

Profile Page Leland / BCB LIve

Link https://firetalk.com/bcblive and https://firetalk.com/lelandbest

a.k.a. The Megabit Affiliate™, Digital Footprint Developer, Vlogger, Website Designer, Video Producer, SEO Dude, Producer of BCB Live! and The NOTHING Show!

• This channel is my outreach to the world through LIVE broadcasting •

Profile Page  Leland / BCB LIve

Profile Page Patricia

Link https://firetalk.com/patriciaamurray

All about media … Durham Skywriter online community paper, TV Skywriter interview program, photographer, videographer, and musician.

Profile Page Patricia

Profile Page Jonathan

Link https://firetalk.com/jonathan-tripp-live

LiveStream Broadcaster | Coffee Believer | Startup Advocate | Social Media Consultant

Profile Page Jonathan

Profile Page Ross

Link https://firetalk.com/livestream-universe

#LivestreamStars airs Mondays at 7pm ET. Hosted by Ross Brand, the show features talented broadcasters delivering high-quality content across livestream platforms. More info at http://livestreamstars.tv/. Monthly shows include #LivestreamSports, #AskTheExpert and #LivestreamNews. Website: http://livestreamuniverse.com/

Profile Page Ross

Profile Page BeuatyBubble

Link https://firetalk.com/beautybubblenow

Host: BeautyBubbleNOW.

Pinterest. Instagram.YouNow.Facebook.Blab.Periscope.YouTube.Twitter.Snapchat.

Profile Page BeuatyBubble

Profile JoeJoe Keys

Link https://firetalk.com/joejoekeys

Musician – Owner of @IndieMusicPlus I love to tweet with my followers and talk about #Music. So, let’s tweet! My album is on #Spotify https://t.co/1ypE2YAoK5

Profile JoeJoe Keys

Profile Page Alfredo

Link https://firetalk.com/alfredo-tigolo

Audio Video @iSouthsidecc @churchITSupport (#ENFP Personality) Software Developer by Day = https://t.co/sOWMfdcxCc https://t.co/pRS0DX46ae

Profile Page Alfredo

Profile Page Nazim – Casa Chiesi

Link https://firetalk.com/casa-chiesi

Welcome to the Casa Chiesi adventure! Italian Lifestyle by Elisabetta Chiesi and Nazim Beltran. Our Blog site http://www.casachiesi.com


Profile Page Nazim - Casa Chiesi

Profile J S Gilbert

Link https://firetalk.com/jsgilbert

writer, ad creative, voice actor, told I know more about social media than most Gurus – the voice of Mundo, Gragas, Udyr, Sion in League of Legends .

Profile J S Gilbert

Profile Frank

Link https://firetalk.com/frank-clark

Co-Founder-CytoSorbents*Raised millions for startup companies*Business Transformation Strategy*Speaking, Consulting and Coaching*NY based Entrepreneur Mentor


Profile Frank

Profile BlogAid

Link https://firetalk.com/BLOGAID

What Every Site Owner Should Know could save you months of frustration and hundreds of dollars Get your free copy http://t.co/SJy6IGhnEg

Profile BlogAid

Profile Page Bonnie

Link https://firetalk.com/bonnie-frank

Speaker, Business Coach and Livestreaming Coach. I help entrepreneurs build businesses and make money online. Get my free Biz Start and Grow Mini Course: http://bit.ly/BizMiniCourse

Profile Page Bonnie

Profile Page Sandra

Link https://firetalk.com/sandracentorino

CEO @ Say it International I help business owners bring their words to life! I am FUN-ENERGETIC-CREATIVE Follow me on Snapchat @Sayitforward I started a movement #SNAPITFORWARD Visit: sayitinternational.com "Sprinkle a little positivity"

Profile Page Sandra

Profile Live Stream Insiders

Link https://firetalk.com/lsinsiders

The Live Stream Insiders Show is hosted by @KrishnaDe and @TweeterStewart. Each week in our 30 minute show we cover the latest live video adn live stream news, technology and case studies to help you integrate live streaming into your communications #LiveStreamInsiders

Profile Live Stream Insiders

Profile Krishna

Link https://firetalk.com/KRISHNADE

Visual marketing, social media, online reputation, speaker and strategist – let’s connect at Twitter.com/KrishnaDe

Profile Krishna

And Finally

This is the first edition of the FireTalk community

I have enjoyed watching shows created by everyone listed and I hope you do to

If you would like to be included in future versions subscribe to my shows https://firetalk.com/stevenhealey

Please leave a message too 🙂

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Across the Pond with Leland Best and Steven Healey on #FireTalk


This is the first episode of a joint venture between myself and Leland Best. I am based in Wiltshire England and Leland is in Michigan USA .

Leland and I first connected on Blab,im , enjoyed each others company and created shows together.

We decided that we should launch ‘Across the Pond’ to share news and stories from both sides of the Atlantic.

We start with serious topics of the day then progress through areas which unite our two countries and explored social topics in a light hearted way.

We explored the British EU vote scheduled for Thursday and I tried to explain why the vote was taking place .

Leland shared his views on the US Election and the people currently involved in the run up to November’s election.

We enjoyed chatting about and highlighting some of the differences between our countries as seen from the British point of view , which was definitely tongue in cheek .

The show was broadcast on FireTalk which we selected for the video quality and stability.


Leland was using Vmix to broadcast

Enjoy the replay

Leland hosts BCBLIve bcb-logo-2016-2

BCB Live! was born out of my desire to help others get their message out to those that need or want to hear it. In a modern world of technical advance and the push to bring internet access to the entire planet, it has become obvious to me that everyone has a right to be heard.

Most people would have you believe that you need all kinds of high end equipment in order to broadcast out to the world, when in fact you can do so on even a very “shoestring” type of budget.

Let me show you how you can enter the live streaming community, build your very own broadcasting network on the internet so that you can build out a brand for yourself or your company and take your business to heights you never imagined!

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Handling Presentation Nerves with Dr Simon Raybould author of ‘Presentation Genius’


Nerves are something that affect everyone who presents to a live audience.

In this second session Simon discussed methods to improve handling nerves . Simon is a presentation skills trainer and author of ‘Presentation Genius’

In fact in a light hearted conversation Simon gives a master class in dealing with presentation nerves , covering ‘ties and flies’ , preparation , rehearsing (or not) ,anchoring , black slides , changing the world , measuring success , good high energy , confidence , being excited , peripheral vision ,being in control and being prepared.

Simon and I have been friends for over 10 years and it always a pleasure to video chat on Blab .

Replay is below Tuesday 12th April 2:00 PM GMT

or on Youtube

Simon says

‘I started life as a research scientist: I looked at the causes of childhood leukaemia. After 24 years as a researcher I gradually became more interested in how science is communicated (or not) because what people act on is very different from what researchers *know*. Then I got more and more into understanding how *anything* was communicated, not just science. I’ve also worked as a lighting designer for dance companies, written a few books and plays, been a teacher, been a fire-eater and other things I’ve forgotten….. :)’

Our previous chat on Presenting

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Interview with Paul Ince of Thryyve – Discover. Engage. Thryyve on social media


An enjoyable informative interview with Paul Ince founder of British software house Thryyve. I connected with Paul after one of our ‘Blabbing for Britain’ sessions .

Paul is joint owner of Thryyve a social media engagement system that works , I have been exploring the system for the last two weeks and want to know more .

In a session which fully engaged our live audience Paul and I enthused about this effective Twitter engagement tool

We covered the extensive Twitter and Facebook search facilities , creating lists , messaging , interacting , the inbuilt Social CRM system and the future of Thryyve.

During the course of the show viewers signed up to try out the free software !!

There were many questions from our involved audience and Steve , Jon and Barb appeared on camera to ask questions of Paul

Thryyve Social engagement made easyy.

How do you find relevant people that are interested in your brand without having to sift through masses of irrelevant data?

With Thryyve you can take control of your social engagement and allow our intelligent system to automatically provide you with the closest matches based on what they talk about.

These people love your products, are ready to advocate your brand, and buy. Don’t waste time, start talking to them!

Visit http://www.thryyve.com/ The software is FREE and Paul would love you to try it


Watch the replay here of our show at ( Tuesday 08/03/2016 2:00PM GMT )

or on Blab here

or on YouTube

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Interview with Brian Murray of CoTap THE workplace mobile messaging app


An enjoyable informative interview with Brian Murray of Cotap I have been using Cotap for the last three weeks and appreciate the clear cross platform interface , the speed and security and the sharing capabilities

I first connected with Brian when Thomas Power introduced a group of us to the Cotap messaging system.

We went from Yammer , Microsoft buying Yammer , the change in culture and vision which led to the creation of a new independent company Cotap.inc and of the new corporate messaging application app Cotap.

It was fascinating to discover how Cotap has developed and the range of facilities that are available to users.

In a wide range chat we discussed

Cotaps beginnings
Company Message systems
The need for speed
Ease of registration
File Transfer
Integrated phone and video calling (Individual and group)
Group Messaging
System Integrations

Wednesday 10/02/2016 at 6:00 pm .


About Cotap



All-in-one communication. Group texting, voice & video calling and file sharing on any device, all in one place. Brought to you by people passionate about making communication at work easier, faster and more human.

Despite the numerous tools intended to help people communicate at work, we’re still a lot better at communicating in our personal lives. Cotap Co-Founders Jim Patterson and Zack Parker set out to change that by empowering employees to communicate in a way they already love — with their mobile devices.

Founded in May 2013, Cotap was born so everyone from the breakroom to the boardroom could easily have the conversations that drive work forward — fast, active, dynamic dialogue that’s meaningful. We’re obsessed with fixing communication at work. Since Cotap launched its first app in October 2013, workers everywhere now have access to real time, secure and easy-to-use mobile communication.

All your communication, together in one place.

Cotap lets employees seamlessly communicate via text, voice and video from any device

Know when messages are delivered and seen.

Keep everyone in the loop and increase accountability. Make groups for departments, projects, office locations or anything your team needs to coordinate around. See when messages are delivered and who’s seen them, in real time.

Call across the world, no long distance charges.

No more swapping phone numbers or searching for dial-in codes. With voice and video calling from desktop or mobile, you can have face-to-face conversations wherever you are.
Launch instant global conference calls with up to 1000 participants.

Send photos and files instantly

With a built-in camera, Cotap lets you snap a photo or shoot a video the moment something happens. Drag-and-drop files from desktop to mobile.

You can view the replay below

or on Youtube

You can discover Cotap here

Join my Cotap Group here


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