Steven’s Recent Firetalk Business Video Chat Shows : Firetalk closed December 2017



On behalf of all live broadcasters who used the service , I would just like to say thank you.

You provided great service and support .


In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of chatting with many great people.

Live video chat brings networking to life , being able to chat with a live audience Is magic .

I am lucky to have an amazing group of co-hosts on the shows – thank you to Jon Upton , Leland Best (USA) , Cendrine Marrouat (Canada) and Dan Knowlson . As you can see we are truly international.

Then there are our guests – Angelika Davey, Anthony Carranza , Jay Saunders , Katrina Moody, Mike Wood , Nicky Kriel , Gary Loper , Ruud Reimerink , Tim Coe , Kevin Arrow , Guillaume Decugis , Barbara Saul , Clare Evans , Lilach Bullock, Mindy Gibbins-Klein and Mike Allton

Thank you everyone

The shows each month
Blabbing for Britain (weekly)
Across the Pond (weekly)
Wiltshire Business Club Interviews
Clare Evans talks Time Management
Cendrine and Steven Interview
Empire.Kred Live

I also enjoy interviewing business people for around the globe in my Business Interviews

Enjoy the videos

You can also watch the videos , register for upcoming shows and watch LIVE on my Firetalk channel

Remember Every Tuesday at 5:00 PM ‘Across the Pond’ with Leland Best , Thursday at 10:00 AM ‘Blabbing for Britain’ with Jon Upton

steven healey on Firetalk

Steven is a software designer ,business chat show host on Firetalk and open networker based in Wiltshire. He has designed , coded and implemented two major software systems which have been used b…

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