Should the British Parliament Vote to REMAIN in the EU ? #Brexit


On Thursday 23rd June there was a referendum in Great Britain and overall the vote to Leave the EU was taken by 52% of voters.

This is a very small majority to decide such an important issue.

There has been no dancing in the streets , no parties . nobody shouting from the rooftops that GB plans to leave the EU.

The referendum was only advisory and does not of itself trigger Brexit , only Parliament can decide by voting in the House of Commons in the coming days.

People who woke up on Friday morning were genuinely shocked that the majority had voted to Leave the EU , even those who had voted leave were bemused at the folly of it all.

The people who voted Leave did so on false information given to them by the Leave Campaign

Labour MP David Lammy Tweeted lammy


Now let’s look at the voting as reported by the BBC


As you can see those under the age of 45 voted to REMAIN . The overall decision is against their wishes. These people are the future of Great Britain , they saw themselves staying in the EU .

They have no desire to leave.

The people of Scotland voted to remain by 62% to 38% . They want to remain in the EU . Wheels are being put in motion which could see Scotland vote for Independence for a second time. Having been let down by the politicians in Westminster they could indeed vote for Independence and then apply to join the EU .

We are now hearing that some of the ‘facts’ and promises made by the Leave campaign may be illusory .


As I write this post our Prime Minister has resigned and will step down in October and the aftershocks are being felt around the world.

Background to the vote and the aftermath was discussed by the ‘Blabbing for Britain’ last Friday .

Houses of Parliament Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

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