I Live Here – travelogue with Fonz and Steven – Melbourn Science Park 04 Sept


Fonz Chamberlain (Cambridge Historian) and Steven Healey (Live Video Hub) have joined forces to create a new experimental show.

Fonz gave us a guided tour of Melbourn Science park in the glorious Cambridgeshire countryside.

Thank you to everyone who watched live , commented and asked questions <3 .

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Every show will be hosted on Belive.tv and guests will join in via mobile on location and give a short guided tour of where they live.

In this fourth show Fonz, the Cambridge Historian, will be live from somewhere in Cambridgeshire. ( requested by one of our viewers )

We invite you to join and if you would like to give a guided tour of where you are – in this show or a future show – just click the guest link.

Travel the world with Steven and Fonz

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