Software Challenge – The Problem and the Idea


Ideally software should be designed and written to solve a real world problem , far too often we see new software launched and puzzle at it’s usefulness .

The problem should come before the idea , that way you have already discovered your target market .

If you solution takes away the pain at an equitable price then you can starting designing

Before you do though ask around , find out how commonplace the problem is , this helps you define the size of the potential market.

Over the next few weeks I am developing a solution to a real world problem , you can follow me as the new software evolves

I am looking for alpha testers , constructive suggestions and help .

The problem .

You have written the most amazing blog post ever and you want to promote .

You have an awesome back catalog of old blog posts which are timeless and want promoting.

You want to promote your Blabs , your meetings and your seminars

Next you do not want to restrict promotion to your own works , you want to include friends blogs and activities , both to help them and vary the output on your own channels.

You want also to add interesting posts found while surfing.

Finally you want to set it up quickly and maintain it easily and you want your friends to do the same .

The idea

To create a powerful easy to use Promotion system that can do everything outlined in the problem.

It will export all your WordPress blogs from your websites and import them into the program . you decide which ones to promote, adding hashtags to titles without affecting your blog posts/

The system will then take care of all the promotion.

How can you get involved (and earn a free copy) ?

Please tweet this blog post and I will get in touch.

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