Social Media show with Ani Alexander and Steven Healey @Blab


This was a first, Ani and I teamed up to discuss Social Media.

I connected with Ani in one of the first ‘Blabbing for Britain’ Thursday shows before she moved with her family to London and we have become good friends over the months

Our first two topics were creating and maintaining groups as a viable addition to maintaining email lists and Blab training. Ani shared her experience of running a 14000+ member group on Facebook especially how to manage the problems which can arise with a large group.

We both enjoy running groups and shared insights into our experience.

We also took Social Media questions from our audience and discussed podcasting , twitter , facebook

Finally we discussed Blab itself and offered our view on the current site.

Thank you to everyone who watched

Watch the replay of the show below ( Tuesday 08/03/2016 8:00PM GMT )

or on Blab here

or on YouTube

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