Social Media for Bloggers with Mike Allton [Updated]


In this informative and entertaining chat Mike delivered sound advice on how we bloggers can make an impact and grow our audience .

Personally I now have many action points to undertake to improve my social media presence and our audience watching live also enthused about the advice given.

If you are looking to engage a wider audience for your blog posts then please watch the video.

Mike and I first connected on the Empire.Kred social networking and business game site several years ago .

Since then I have enjoyed reading the articles published on the Social Media Hat and totally changed the way I use Hootsuite after reading The Unofficial Book on HootSuite .

Mike has recently returned from attending SMMW16 in San Diego and I am looking forward to chatting about Social Media for Bloggers

About Mike

I love to help small businesses and organizations that are interested in using the Internet more effectively. I provide a comprehensive set of consulting services, which include Social Media, Blogging, SEO and Internet marketing.

I provide my business clients with ongoing marketing advice and assistance. I can tell them exactly what they need to do, or just do it for them, depending on how involved they wish to be. These ongoing activities can include blogging, creating and updating social network profiles, interacting with followers and readers, and managing online advertising campaigns.

I will teach you how to leverage content to increase traffic to your website, generate leads, nurture leads through your sales cycle, and convert those leads into sales and customers.

I am the editor at The Social Media Hat ( where I regularly share articles discussing Social Media, SEO, Blogging, Internet Marketing and Business Technology.

I am also a HootSuite Certified Professional and educator, which means that if you’re using HootSuite to manage your social media accounts, or want to, I can help you learn how to use and configure the tool. I wrote the book on Hootsuite, “The Unofficial Book on HootSuite” –

You can subscribe and watch here May 3 9:00 PM GMT 4:00PM EST

May Mike Allton


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