with Hani Mourra – automatically transfer your Facebook videos to Youtube & Soundcloud


This was Hani Mourra and Steven Healey talking about

In a lively session Hani answered questions on how you can automatically transfer your Facebook videos to Youtube , Soundcloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.

I have been using the software for 5 weeks and as I do 6 to 8 videos per week it saves me time and improves my own workflow.

You have created awesome content on Facebook using video. I have too 🙂

Does the story stop there or can you take the video and show it to a wider audience.

I have downloaded them and then uploaded them to Youtube and it is a laborious, time consuming task.

What if there was an application that could do this and more ?

Since I have started using ‘Repurpose’ I have been blown away by how powerful the system is. ‘Repurpose’ gives our live videos a second life as we can use them to reach an even wider audience.

Since the moment I started using it I have saved hours each and every week.

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