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I have been fortunate to arrange another great series of Blab interviews with group of people I know well and respect.

Many I have been connected to for the last ten years , several I have met , all are good friends

Topics .. real world practical advice from people at the top of their game

Catalonia / Save your Business Money / Cooking for Happiness /Market Research /The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences /  Web design and online marketing

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Simon Harris 12th at 7:00 PM GMT

In this second interview with Simon we will be looking at the last century of political Catalanism and then bring it right up to date by reviewing the recent Spanish election

The book on which the interview is based ‘Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective’

How much does the world know about Catalonia and its role as a great medieval empire and one of Europe’s first nation states? In Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective author Simon Harris takes the reader through 1,000 years of Catalan history focusing on the Principality’s often difficult relationship with Castile-dominated Spain. This insightful and balanced history gives an insider’s background to the current political situation and why Catalonia is engaged in a process for deciding whether it wants to be independent from Spain.

The book is here

About Simon

I have lived in Barcelona, capital of Catalonia, since 1988, where I have had a career as a minor rock star and then a university-level teacher of English and translator. My main writing topics are Catalan history, language and culture. I had my first book Going Native in Catalonia published by Native Spain in 2008 and self-published Catalonia Is Not Spain: A Historical Perspective in late 2014


Elliott Rodgers 11th Jan 2:00 PM GMT

Elliott Rodgers, web developer and graphic designer and author of “Save Your Business Money eBook

Saving Your Business Money eBook is not another manual about running a small business, but a guide with tips, tools and resources that can save a small business hundreds of pounds. Plus all copies bought at this website come with bonus FREE content. It also has many ways of save time, allowing business owners to use their time far more effectively.

Review of the book Saving Your Business Money eBook by Eleanor, Social Media Consultant & Digital Journalist.

“Saving Your Business Money is real must-have for any business, regardless of size. The tricks and tips are worth their weights in gold and Elliott has taken research to an art form, packing the book with useful insider knowledge. Because it’s so regularly updated, it has an eye on all the latest trends and quirks, meaning your business will be one step ahead and looking like it too.

Packed with bonuses and extra content, Saving Your Business Money is a smart investment for any business. “


Kornelia Santoro 12th at 11:00 AM GMT

Kornelia Santoro is a German writer living in Goa, India, who spezialices in food writing. She has published her experiences of almost two decades cooking Mediterranean food in India for her husband and son on her own website ‘Kornelia’s Kitchen’.

‘Kornelia’s Kitchen’, the cookbook was released on 21st of December 2010.

Kornelia Santoro was born in Ansbach, a small town in northern Bavaria. She studied German language, Political Science and Theatre science in Erlangen and completed training as certified reporter and news editor in Regensburg. She continued to work there for newspapers and radio.

From 1992 until 1994 she rode on an Enfield bullet through India. Finally she settled with her husband, Alberto Santoro, in Goa. 1999 their son Valentino was born.

Writing a cookbook – though suggested by her husband – is a direct result from her upbringing. Both parents, public servants, had experienced the Second World War with its hunger periods. Food was very important for the family and shared meals were the focus of family life. Kornelia Santoro started to collect cook books in her teenage days. Compiling this collection of recipes and describing her experiences has joined two spheres of her existence: writing and the demands of a life as housewife and mother.


Fraser Hay – January 13 10:00 AM GMT

I have known Fraser for about 10 years , over that time we have chatted and helped each other many times. If you are looking for a helping hand with your business then Fraser is your man , he has helped countless numbers of our mutual contacts to create plans AND follow them through.

Fraser is the Founder of Grow Your Business® Club & Principal of Grow Your Business® School

In addition to his coaching and business forum Fraser is a best selling Amazon author


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Maya Middlemiss – January 18 3:00 PM GMT Managing director of Saros Research Ltd

I am looking forward to learning all about Market Research when I interview Maya on January 18th on Blab at 3pm . We first connected online in  April 2014 when Graham introduced Maya to a networking group I manage on Facebook.

Saros Research is the UK’s leading database-driven market research and user experience participant recruitment company, recruiting participants for a diverse range of qualitative, social and technical projects across all consumer and B2B market sectors. I am a proactive and progressive project manager, with a fantastic team here at Saros, passionate about excellence in customer service and project delivery. Extensive market research fieldwork experience combined with a background in community development and diversity allow me to offer expert consultancy on any research recruitment project from social to usability to commercial, and this can-do attitude and alignment with our clients’ values and objectives extends throughout the Saros organisation.

Why people should take part in paid research events like focus groups and user testing – it’s not all about the money!

Maya is promoting registration as a research participant with


Cendrine Marrouat Jan 22 8PM GMT

Cendrine Marrouat is a social media blogger & coach, curator, author, and photographer living in Canada. She is the founder of Social Media Slant, a blog helping small business owners and solo-entrepreneurs to figure out the basics of social media.

In 2015, Cendrine was recognized a Top 100 Business Blogger by BuzzHUMM. Social Media Slant also made Fit Small Business’ Best Small Business Blogs of 2015 list.

Cendrine contributes regular content for B2B News Network, and guest posts on several other blogs. She has authored two books.

The Little Big eBook on Social Media Audiences: Build Yours, Keep It, and Win was awarded a 2015 Small Business Book Award in the Social Media Category.



Barbara Saul Jan 27th 10 am

In a nutshell: having worked my way through from office junior when I left school at 16 (computers were rare and huge then – we used manual typewriters and log tables!) to management accounting, regional management for a security firm into a great role in the food ingredients industry, then up to London and computer support for some great blue chips, and finally settling in Kent to build my own business and focus on the Internet.

Now I’ve brought together my century-spanning (ok, so that’s just a lucky timing thing, but does add up to well over 15 years) experience of the web together with commercial experience, and focus on Internet marketing strategy – both enabling others to do their own and doing it for them with the team.

The rest of the time, I run the Blogmistress which offers every kind of WordPress help you might want.


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