Live Streaming And Psychic Medium Guidance


The Challenge Of How To Shine Your Light
Live Streaming And Psychic Medium Guidance

Wednesday, June 24, 7 pm EST

Our featured guest tonight is Ros Boundy, a Psychic Medium and a Cosmic Healer in other areas.

You are going to learn all about other healing techniques, and Ros is capable of many and how she came to this type of work. It is always the stories that captivate and enlighten us, and Ros has lots to share with us about her exploration of self and why it is so important that she share her gifts with others.

The journey has brought her to enlightening experiences, and now she has found a deep inner peace. One of her goals is to support you in getting ready to shine.

The works that she has done on her self has given the ability to shine, and now she wants to do the same for others.

Her story is a true testament to the power of hypnosis and so much more. I can’t wait to have you join us come with questions.

We love it when you show up, trust that we don’t disappoint we’ll look to see you soon.


ps/please join us here live (use this link)



I am a LIVE video show host on and Lightstream,and Udemy instructor based in Wiltshire.

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