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Prospect Networking Bloggers

A list of the blogsites maintained by the members of Prospect Networking.

An eclectic list to be sure , but there is bound to be something of interest as members share their expertise and passion.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1155
Five Day Push

The Blog

Feb 11, 2012 - - 973
Social Media Marketing, Internet Marketing Courses, Internet Marketing Coach,and Internet Marketing Services

I send all my best stuff to my newsletter subscribers.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 973
Online Marketing Support

Online Marketing, love it or hate it... You need it to fill your business with leads (But don't you just wish it was easier to do?) Free Online Marketing Support: Give your blog a boost, grow your writing muscle and do all those pesky blogging tasks you've always meant to do.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 924
Home - Iconic Creative Design, Photography & Film

I'm currently redesigning my website and constructing an online shop for my cards and prints. My blog can now be read via the BLOG link in the menu at the top of the page under the picture header. My main website is currently

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1021
Blog - Angelika's German Tuition & Translation

Angelika's blog posts on topics of interest to those learning German, sometimes humorous but often practical for anybody who needs the German language.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 863
Common sense Internet marketing strategies

I've not thought much about "real life" networking for a while, mainly because of mobility limitations; now all my networking is online and I am more comfortable with this, I must admit. It's certainly far easier than my first forays into networking events all those years ago when I started out in business.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 984
This is Spain -

The intention of is to give information to those considering moving to Spain or those already here, particularly those still finding their way around. Our specialist area of knowledge is the Costa Del Sol (in particular the Marbella/Fuengirola/Málaga area), the Costa Blanca (in particular the Torrevieja/Orihuela Costa an Benidorm areas) and the Canaries (Lanzarote).

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1203
Discover The Work You Love

Find the work you love and generate your first income (by Ebru Ulufer)

Feb 10, 2012 by Mike Gordon - - 887
Revenge Sweet Turned Sour
Feb 10, 2012 - - 960
- Social/digital media consultant & coach in Notts.

I know there are some of you out there that haven't heard of Google Plus (I will refer to it as G+ for the rest of this article) - mentioning it often produces blank looks while chatting at networking events! So if you're not aware, G+ is a new social network, launched by search giant Google on June 28th 2011.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 863
Small Business Research

Last summer we carried out some research for Yell. Here is Yell's own press release summary of some of the findings. From European Association of Directory and Database Publishers - original post here. "Yell research: David beats Goliath online as consumers favour smaller firms - Fri, 09/12/2011 - 13:28.

Feb 11, 2012 - - 851
The Intelligent Garden

Fletching Glasshouses One of the delights of social media is that it's quite easy to incorporate information from one place into another. Our vegetable production arm has its own web site which is all about Organic Vegetables in East Sussex.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 851
Applications of MindManager - A range of ways to use MindManager for business and pleasure

In the early 90s, I was one of 4 project managers in a 50 person systems integrator. I used MindManager to rapidly access the 10-20 projects I was responsible for. I had a top level map with links to individual project maps on the RHS and links to general info on the LHS e.g.

Feb 10, 2012 by Jacqui Malpass - - 1179
Memoir writing, coaching, holidays, workshops and

Inspiring a million people to write their life stories. Memoir writing workshops. Writing holidays in Spain.

Feb 11, 2012 - - 972
Handmade Greeting Cards

January 26, 2012 By Anita 3 Comments To fill up the seed trays and bird tables with a variety of goodies that your feathered friends will enjoy, and take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch this weekend.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1203
Marketing consultant |

550truedotsbottomright264true800 Lifting a weight off your shoulders, creating & implementing proven marketing strategies. ‘Everyone has a book inside them" Personal branding is marketing for people and is a fantastic way to shout out about your passion or expertise. "It's a real pleasure for me to recommend Jacqui.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1057
The MediaCoach Report

Your job, as a speaker, is to find common ground with your audience, and then gently lead them to pastures new. As we all know, the best way to do that is by telling stories. There's a temptation, is these days of sound bites and instant news, to try to tell a story as quickly as possible, so as not to bore the audience.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1094
Houses for Sale in Spain | Houses for Sale in Spain Gives You The Lowdown on Lifestyle and Property in Spain

You would think it would be simple to pay your tax on a purchase but sometimes this is not the case. Paying your 7%, or 4% on new builds, may sometimes involve rather complicated mathematics. Once upon a time there was a growing property market in Spain with prices rising at 20% annually for a long [...]

Feb 10, 2012 by Paul Gorman - - 1203

A blogging community for family lawyers and related professions and services to promote and share what they do

Feb 10, 2012 - - 960
Just another WordPress site | Even Break

This seems, at least to me, an odd question to ask. And yet it is often the subject of some discussion with employers. Evenbreak, as you know, is a job board which helps employers attract more disabled applicants.

Feb 11, 2012 - - 1203
Blog | That's … What She Said

I was on my morning constitutional (or ‘walk') the other day, and my iPod dished up a song that I hadn't heard for years - for the sake of this post I'll pretend that it was something cool, and not Cover Girl, by New Kids on the Block.

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1143
Scam Detectives | Don't get ripped off online | Scam news and warnings

Beware of scammers - They want your money! The Internet has revolutionised the way that we shop, bank and socialise Unfortunately, latest Government statistics show that 12% of Internet users in the UK (3.5 million people) have fallen victim to some level of internet fraud, losing an average of £875 each as a result.

Feb 10, 2012 by Paul Gorman - - 997
Blog | IFS (Professional Connections)

The Financial Planning Blog from IFS (Professional Connections) for the discerning investor, small to medium sized business and people changing direction in life

Feb 10, 2012 - - 1143
Blog « Tax Help

The whole experience from start to finish could not have been made any easier. I personally recommend to everyone I meet. It's great to feel that tax is no longer a burden that I have to struggle to understand and do well, there are others far better equipped to help me and that frees up my time to do my job.

Feb 10, 2012 by Jacqui Malpass - - 1057
Marketing consultant |

Lifting a weight off your shoulders, creating & implementing proven marketing strategies. ‘Everyone has a book inside them" Personal branding is marketing for people and is a fantastic way to shout out about your passion or expertise. "It's a real pleasure for me to recommend Jacqui.