Is anyone listening to you ? .. The Tweet activity dashboard will tell you


In an ideal world every time you tweet every single one of your Twitter followers has the possibility of seeing it.

Simply put your total reach (audience) is your number of followers.

Reach is not the same as the number people reading your tweet.

In fact only 1 or 2% of your followers will be see each of your tweets as a general rule . So if you have 2000 followers , between 20 and 40 people will see your tweet.

If you are retweeted by someone then your potential reach increases. The excellent Tweetreach ( ) can measure the potential audience for your Tweets.

Twitter analytics takes this one step further – it gives you all the statistics on each tweet you have sent in the Tweet activity dashboard

You can register for your own Tweet activity dashboard here and there is a full explanation here

The system starts measuring from the day you register , so you may have to wait to see some action.

I have been using the system for several months and below are the daily views of all my tweets over the last 28 days


The chart shows the number of views day by day , for each tweet you send further information is available . This tweet was promoted using my friends on Empire Avenue


The graphic shows the tweet was seen 6005 times , retweeted by 59 people , 35 people favourited it , 12 people responded in my timeline , 9 clicked on my profile and of those 3 followed me

The other interesting point is that the tweet was posted on Tuesday and was still being seen on Saturday


The life of a tweet was researched by Peter Bray in his blog When Is My Tweet’s Prime of Life?

The Tweet activity dashboard proves you do have an audience . In following blog posts I will look behind the statistics and show how we can use them to improve the level of our readership and can increase both response and interaction.


    Robert Frank

    Thanks for sharing your twitter insight, tweetreach sounds like an excellent tool to help analyze your twitter reach!

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