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We thoroughly enjoyed video interviewing our long time good friend Sarah Arrow of Sarkemedia , author of Zero to Blogger , and with Kevin creator of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge .

Sarah , Jon and I have known each other for 10 years since our days on UK based social networking site Ecademy . In those days blogging was just starting to take hold and Sarah was one of the first in our clan to get to grips with the art.

In 2008 Sarah founded the Birds on the Blog website and gathered friends to blog cooperatively on the site . Birds on the Blog won awards from Forbes three years running and today the site is still Motivating Business Women around the world

Sarah and Kevin now run the ultra successful ’30 Day Blog Challenge’ which has helped literally thousands of people to start blogging seriously . The course takes you from novice to competent blogger and you can join the Facebook group here

You may also know Kevin from his Periscope broadcasts and he also has a blog here

Of course we got sidetracked during out chat but we had great fun and learnt a great deal. We are also thrilled that we took part in a Blab first as Jon relayed the broadcast live on the big screen to Solihull Business Club and Sarah took questions from the Club members

The interview covers

Sarah’s first blogs on BT Tradespace – Blog hosting options – Bird on the Blog from its beginnings to winning Forbes awards – The 30 Day Blogging challenge – Hints and tips on blogging.

You can watch the replay here

or on Youtube

PS If you would like also to be interviewed , at a time to suit you ,please message me .

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