Interview with Maya Middlemiss of Saros Research Ltd


Maya and I enjoyed 40 minutes of lively informative discussion centred around Market Research and Maya’s company Saros Research.

We first connected online in  April 2014 when Graham introduced Maya to a networking group I manage on Facebook.

We covered the types of project in which you can get involved ranging from personal interviews to group sessions and the state of online research systems.

I have to admit that before the interview I knew little about the topic but swayed by Maya’s enthusiasm and expertise not only do I understand the topic – i have also signed up .
Registering takes just a few minutes , your application is reviewed and if you are accepted you will receive a welcome email with 24 hours.

Saros supports UK Business by providing pre-qualified people to take part in the research , Maya explained how it all works and how you can become a paid market research fieldwork.

You can apply for projects as they arise and could find yourself helping by giving unbiased informed consultation on a wide range of products .

Sign up is free

If selected you get paid for your time , you can pick the projects that interest you and if you are accepted are set for a new adventure

Join us as we explore how market research can help your business and how you can participate in a fascinating industry.

Saros are currently looking for gamers to test Virtual Reality headsets , this is your chance to have a say before the systems go into full production

Saros Research is the UK’s leading database-driven market research and user experience participant recruitment company, recruiting participants for a diverse range of qualitative, social and technical projects across all consumer and B2B market sectors. I am a proactive and progressive project manager, with a fantastic team here at Saros, passionate about excellence in customer service and project delivery. Extensive market research fieldwork experience combined with a background in community development and diversity allow me to offer expert consultancy on any research recruitment project from social to usability to commercial, and this can-do attitude and alignment with our clients’ values and objectives extends throughout the Saros organisation.

Why people should take part in paid research events like focus groups and user testing – it’s not all about the money!

Maya is promoting registration as a research participant with

You can watch the replay below

or on Youtube

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